7 Creative Ways to make your outfit look expensive

how can I make my clothes look more expensive
Fashion should reflect who you are! Source – refinery29

We all love going to thrift stores and street markets like Janpath and Sarojini for shopping. They have the latest trends at such amazing prices. But then there’s a difference of quality. The trick is to wear an outfit and make it look expensive. The best way to do it is when you flaunt it with confidence.

how can I make my clothes look more expensive
Fashion should reflect who you are! Source – refinery29

Here are 7 creative and affordable ways to make your outfit look expensive.

  1. Fitting makes all the difference

Make sure that the clothes you pick are well structured and fit like a glove. Fitting makes a huge difference in the overall look of the outfit. Every body type is different and it’s important to know what suits your body type. Buy clothes that fit you perfectly and you can make your outfit look more expensive.

How to make your clothes look expensive,
The right fit will completely change your look. Source – The Loom

Read how you can dress as per your body type and look stunning.

2. Invest in the right undergarments

This is such a basic rule, but often girls tend to overlook it. You cannot flaunt the outfit until your undergarment is just right. Invest in a couple of basic bras, get some sexy bralettes, make sure you wear the right bra with the right top and it’ll make a huge difference in your style.

3. Mix and Match

A creative way to make your outfit look more expensive is to mix prints from the same color family. Use stripes as basics and pair them with abstract prints, floral, or even a different kind of striped pattern.  It adds a pop of style and you look so chic and well put together.

what should I wear to look expensive
Now that’s how you mix and play with colors to make your outfit look expensive. Source – steal the look

4. Replace the buttons

Often you’d see, the buttons used in clothes from street side markets are of cheap quality. This makes the overall outfit look tacky. Just replace the buttons with something simple and classy and you can totally amp up the look.

5. Have the basics

A basic blue denim, neutral colored turtlenecks, jackets, and pants are something that are an investment. Make sure you choose a good brand that has the perfect mix of style and quality. And when your basics are sorted, you can play around with different tops to create new looks.

how to make outfit look expensive
Invest in the right basics, and play around with different looks. Source – asos

6. Iron out the wrinkles

A simple tip that’ll make a huge difference is ironing or steaming your clothes. Wrinkled outfits look so cheap and shabby. It is time to invest in a good steamer and take care of your outfits.

7. Accessorize it right

Something as simple as a watch, the right hand bag, statement earrings, or dainty layered necklace, make sure you accessorize your look to give it that edge.

how to make a simple outfit look expensive
A sexy bag to add oomph! Source – trendfashionist

If you think your outfit is plain, add some fun accessories – a colorful scarf or a hat. It elevates the look and you’ll look chic without too much effort.

Hope you will implement these tips and find them helpful. Let us know what’s your secret to make your outfit look expensive and put together. Also join us on – FacebookTwitterInstagram for a lot more on fashion, beauty, and lifestyle.

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