Baggit : A Colorful story

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Flaunt with your girls. Don’t shy!

Daring, Rebel, Liberated, Feisty, Responsible, Gentle, Naughty, Carefree? What’s your story?

There is a story behind each bag. Gone are the matching days when a red dress would see us wearing a red bag and similarly with a green dress. Today, the bag that we carry is an extension of our personalities. A green is not just green, there is an aqua, teel and emerald as beautiful shades to choose from. These Bold and the beautiful colors amplify life.

The recent two additions from Baggit have been more than just bags. These are mood uplifters. These bags celebrate our extended personalities. Under the normal routines, these bags capture our hidden personas without us even realising. Feisty, rebel or daring, the colors and the fine details shout out loud.

These two suave bags in Aqua and Blue are true delights for a summery afternoon or a full day at work. With several pockets and slots, it’s easier to access all the vitals and be organised through the day. The large size Aqua bag carries all the essentials for the full day and yet leaves room for more. Slip your laptop into it too. Perfect size for the Go. The blue in medium is good for easy days or catching friends for a coffee. The strip of orange is just the way it’s required- subtle and chic.

Fashion Blog India
The beautiful Baggit Handbags in Aqua and Blue.
fashion blog India
Flaunt with your girls. Don’t shy!

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Weekend Brunch

Coffee with girls

Kitty Party


The Aqua Bag: Rs 2800

The Blue Bag: Rs 3350


Baggit Exclusive stores, Shopper’s Stop, Lifestyle and other large format stores.

P.S: Baggit is one of India’s leading fashion accessory brand. Founded across several cities, the brand is available at exclusive outlets and large format stores. Aimed at Modern Indian Woman, the wide range of accessories include bags, wallets, belts, caps, iPad cases and multi-utility pouches.

Does your bag reflect your personality? What’s your story with your bag? Do share in the comments below.

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