DON 2 the 2011 sequel has more attitude – By S.K.Sachdev

Don 2

DON the name spells attitude. Whether DON Caroline of GOD FATHER or Mark Donald or Mc Donald, Donald Duck- all have aroma of the word DON.

It was in 1978 the first (original ) DON was released & created stupendous success. It was the third most successful film of the year & gave the name of Roma, DON & Vijay as the most talked about characters. The music of Kalyanji Anandji, the thrilling seductress Helen & the  supporting characters all were discussed in coffee houses (There were no Baristas or coffee café day in those days ) throughout the country. Come again 2006, DON was released during Diwali & the movie was again a hit .

Come December 2011 & the festive season Christmas & DON 2 a sequel to the earlier (2006 version ) released. Common threads in 1978 & 2011 Don being Roma, the writer Javed AKTHAR -Farhan  Akthar, Nariman IRANI  & Boman IRANI, i.e AKTHAR, IRANi & ROMA  common names; rest is a fantastically knitted plot like a jigsaw, having razor edged valleys & peaks giving new twists and turns to the story on every turn.

The film starts with SHAH RUKH KHAN entry like olden days Shatrughan Sinha’s entry, the first fight sequence defines the depth of Shahrukhs character (more vibrant than Bazigar & Darr ). The film has style, suspense(a la Abbas Mastan  style); the plot is crafted with no time to even wink your eyes; thrill & locations are the key elements. The un-shown locations add the fizz to the plot, Hyundai cars chase, bikes add the chase quotient in a most dramatic, after Feroz Khans Qurbani, Apradh  way.

Though the plot is in a single line but the events, sequences are high powered. The expressions of Don-Shahrukh  & Roma-Priyanka are superlative. The attitude of Shahrukh is provocative & his charming style of jungile bilee Priyanka added fuel to the characters displayed. The story line is on fast track revenge, Bond like quick  action, witty dialogues. The film came with less hype (compared to Ra.One ) & no love story between the lead team, still the scenes of love expressions remind of movie Black mail between Dharmendra & Rakhee, the robbery reminds of Jugnoo of Dharmendra but with more electronics & timing.

The movie is a good thriller & action packed entertainer to be enjoyed by the whole family and specially Gen Y.


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