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Are you mad at heart? Are you a sucker for anything quirky? Are you always looking for coolest stuff online? Then you must visit WhySoSerious.co.in !

WhySoSerious, brainchild of Khushboo Verma is an online e-store for funky and symbolic gifting options. So whether you are looking for a very wacky Valentine gift for dear husband or a Rakhi gift for dearest brother or the soulmate boyfriend, this e-store will surely give more than enough options to choose the perfect gift for the perfect one. And well, we the fairer sex have some very cool options too to choose from or be gifted. My Giveaway is all about the madness we girls love and things close to our heart. Read on to find out about this wacky giveaway with a Soupy question!

Before the Giveaway, here 5 strong reasons to buy from the store:

  1. You believe in the madness of humanity. You go an extra mile to find the most appropriate gift for loved ones.
  2. You love to gift and see the smile on a close one’s face. You can pull the day up and down to find a very cool gift.
  3. Thoughtful. You think and buy. So you may pick a Pacman Tshirt for your little Pacman loving brother or a God Father whiskey glass for your investment banker husband.
  4. Affordability. All the products have a reasonable price attached. Whether you pick a chill pill ice tray or a set of 4 cutting chai cups, you pick as per your wallet’s capacity.
  5. Safe delivery. Needless to say, each product is carefully packed and shipped to reach you safe and sound.

Now, the Soupy Giveaway:

Blog giveaway

5 of you can get this fabulous SoupO’holic mug. Well nothing comes easy, so you got to tell us why you deserve this mug? 5 best wacky entries can get it in their hands.

The Contest Giveaway opens today and will close on 14th Nov’14. Open to Indian residents, the winners will be informed via email and will be declared on this page aswell. For any query, you can mail me at t4tanya@gmail.com and I will respond at the earliest. Have fun with these online giveawaysAll the Best. 

Share the contest with your SoupO’holic friend and let her have a chance to win this mug too. She will really bless you!

And for me, I can drown in a soup mug so I deserve it the most!

The winners are Kamal Advani, Roopesh Thakur, Sonal, Kritika and Divya Shree.

  1. Hellozzz…. I deserve this mug because after choosing gifts for your loved ones its time to unwind with hot cuppa soup in this mug … Its BREAK time 🙂 I am chilling

  2. I am an ardent reader of the blog and have always admired all the lovely posts. After getting in touch with your team I got the golden opportunity to contribute in my small way for the blog. And Tanya, you have made me fall in love with fashion and lifestyle blogging (big smile).
    I deserve this mug so that our association grows and I am tempted to be a part of the team always!
    And of course for all the night cravings, submissions and to get over writer’s block !!

  3. I have always loved soups and have recently moved to a soup diet to lose weight 🙂 This soup mug really looks cool and will definitely make my soups more enjoyable if I start having in this 🙂

  4. I really love soups because they are light and if you drink too many cups of it then you feel full . I think I would like it because I am a soupaholic and always order soups before the main meal at a restaurant even .
    Good luck and may the best soupaholics win ! cheers

  5. after Diwali I ‘m on my diet 🙁 at night only drink soups n eat salads n I hate this .But i promise if i ll win this Soup Mug i ll surely concentrate on my diet n drink Soups happily 😀

  6. frankly, its not me who deserves this cute mug but my li’l one 😉
    My boy of 8+ loves all flavours of soups & when i prepare specially on his request, he feel so loved n content. The smile of his face gives me a reason to smile. And if his fav soups are served to him in this lovely mug, I can imagine how broader he wud smile 😀 wanna win one for him.

  7. I am a big soup person and what better time to have your favorite drink than when there is chill in the air as winters are knocking my city Delhi known for its chilly and romantic winters.I love enjoying my garma garam soup anytime during winters because nothing beats the winter chill like a steaming bowl of soup. so I wish to make my winters more soupy and more romantic by sipping my favorite soup in this awesome soupaholic mug with my love..

  8. hi tanya….
    its realy lovely mug…. & i actualy dont take soup daily but when i see this mug i feel like i will take soup daily… if i win…. 😉 so i deserve this mug… & this mug too… bcz i want be soupoholic….

  9. I deserve this lovely mug because I can drink soup, eat soup, sleep soup, think soup and even swim in soup inside this mug. Actually we all want our lives to be a bit soupy- a little warm, salty, sour, tangy, aromatic, full of flavors and giving comfort in a chilly winter evening. And most importantly I want this cup to sip my soup.

  10. I deserve this Souplicious cup because of I’ll not get,I will go mad and eat ur head that why I won’t get it…So at ur own risk,decide it that I deserve it or not…

  11. Hey Tanya,
    Thanks for organizing this Soupy giveaway and best wishes for years of blogging ahead of you!
    I deserve to win this mug as I could literally live on soups for the rest of my life! Love how they are super nutritious, easy to make, satiate my hunger and come such a wide range of variety to please everyone’s palate!
    Following you guys on all social media platforms!
    Fingers crossed.
    Saachi Garg.

  12. Hi dear,

    Yuumuylicious giveaway and I deserve to win this coz whatever I cook it becomes soup like I cook dal it becomes so lumpy that instead of dal makhani it looks like dal soup and so I wish to hide my cooking inexpertise n win this soup mug so that I can proudly commit mistakes n learn cooking while cooking n make soup s

  13. I deserve this mug because of three reasons 1. I loved this mug 2. I love this mug. 3. I loved this mug so damn much. It is so pretty plus i am really a soupoholic like seriously I want soup everyday. 😀

  14. well.. this would be a great gift for my mom 🙂 she is on diet for couple of months and drinks different types of soups 🙂 so please count me in for this beautiful giveaway.

  15. I deserve this mug because am also participating in this giveaway 😛
    This mug makes a great gift for my loved one.

  16. Heyz….Thnx for this soupalicious giveaway… 😉

    I deserve this mug coz i truly am a soupaholic…Be it the sweet n sour…or corn…or spicy variants…I jus lov em all….Hence tht mug totally defines me n so i guess that makes me a good contender for winning it… 😀

  17. Hi
    I like the name of the giveaway… :-B
    Tomato soup in winters is very common among people. I have noticed whenever I have tomato or any other soup in restaurant then we say ” MAZA AAGAYA” but when we have the same soup at home then we say ” ACHCHA HAI PAR WOH FEEL NAHI HAI”. Yes I just want to feel that feel in homemade soup. And for the same reason 😉 I want this mug in my house.

  18. I would want to have this super chic Soupoholic Mug… As I would gift this to my 3.5year old son… Who loves Soups…

  19. This is the best contest till date. . Thanks for the awesome opportunity. .

    I just know only One thing. . I can Eat Soup. . I can Drink Soup and I Can fight with anybody to have one Cup of Soup. .

    Totally awesome and perfect cup to have Soup .. and more than food I Enjoy Yummy and Delicious Soup

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