Fendi Leisurewear collection Fall Winter for 2014-15

Designer leisurewear
Fendi Leisurewear Collection is a successful evolution of the much in demand actiwear collection. It is a collection of luxury, sophistication, style, research and innovation anywhere and anytime. Get into another mood altogether in the bright white of the dazzling snow slopes, walking through evergreen woods, moving into the streets of St. Moritz or Aspen in a relaxed mind for a weekend of complete bliss in the mountains.
designer leisurewear
Fendi Leisurewear collection for 2014-15 in warm colors.
DESIGNER Leisurewear collection for 2014-15
Fendi Leisurewear collection for 2014-15 in catchy prints.
Designer Leisurewear collection
Fendi Leisurewear collection for 2014-15 in suave color combinations.

The collection is both technically and aesthetically unfailing. The new FENDI Leisurewear Collection, is thought and made for a 360° experience in the mountains. It is the anti–frost antidote par excellence. The usage of unusual bi-materic combinations: luxurious, innovative and precious materials like fur are expertly realised and combined with technical fabrics. For fabrics, there is ample use of fine yarns in jacquard wool –mohair and soft flannels. There is intelligent usage of quilted disguised by velvet thermo-formed that reflects the diamond grooves of fur.

FENDI Leisurewear Collection 2014-2015 will ensure a long hug and cozy smile to warm all the winter up. The warm color tones, the bright jackets and suave combination of profound colors makes the leisurewear collection a must for the season. The colors have been carefully chosen to give a warm soothing feel to the wearer. The cuts, the patterns are intricately designed to add the element of style while retaining the essence of the warm fabric. Walking in the mountains and enjoying the snow becomes easier with this designer collection. Just add a cup of hot coffee and walk and talk in style. Embrace yourself in these leisurewear pieces for this holiday season and smile your way in a bear hug.
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