10 photos that highlight Huawei P9 Camera Quality

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We were on a vacation and never felt the need of carrying a DSLR. Our bags were huge and heavy and there was no scope of carrying a bulky camera. And, to be honest, it didn’t matter! Our phone’s camera was as good as a DSLR. It gave us high resolution pictures, bright colours, sharper cuts and excellent low light photographs. Whether we wanted coloured photographs or black toned monochrome images, the phone’s camera gave creativity to our wings. Welcome to the world of Huawei P9.

We are extending the love for Huawei P9 to our work. Let’s Expresso is a fashion blog and we require great imagery everyday. From reviews to street fashion, there are dime a dozen pictures that we click for uploads. Needless to say, each picture has to be edgy and standing apart. Huawei P9’s dual lens camera and the power of Leica optical lenses click with precision and detailing. Vivid colours, premium quality and easy functioning, you get it all with the phone. Image processing algorithms and filters empower users with the ability to capture the highest quality images.

Here are 10 images clicked with Huawei P9 that bring out the camera features.

1. Emotions, that’s what our blog stand for. Emotions for fashion, emotions for beauty and emotions for each other.


fashion blogger India


2. This is our favourite from the Goa trip. The camera brings alive each and every detail of these vendors. You can look through their soul.




3. This was captured at CP, Delhi. Here’s street shopping in all its colours!


cp in pictures


4. This is presenting the quintessential bargaining at CP.


huawei p9 camera quality


5. The hustle & bustle on the pavements of CP. The picture captured what CP is known for- being alive & kicking!


huawei p9 availability


6. Beauty Products- the heart & soul of the blog.


fashion blogger India


7. The double lens camera captures the finest details.


fashion blogger India


8. Look at the grainy texture of the eyeshadows. The power of Leica optical lens justified.


fashion blogger India


9. Every colour captured in its true form.


huawei p9 review


10. High quality images that drool you over.


huawei p9 camera quality


Final word: We are bowled over by the phone. Here is the Huawei P9 review. Totally recommended!

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