10 Awesome clothing tips you can’t afford to miss

“I have enough clothes”, said no woman ever. But times have changed. Sustainability is the need of the hour. We are no longer in a position to shop mindlessly and create more litter for our ever-forgiving Mother Earth. It’s high time we become conscious of our buying decisions and chip in our bit in every possible way. Here are 10 awesome clothing tips that will make your wardrobe work for you for a long time.

10 Awesome clothing tips you can’t afford to miss

  1. Extend the life of your clothes
    The first step towards a more happy & long life of you clothing is to buy a quality item. Good quality speaks. When your clothes are of good quality, they run for years even after wear and tear. You’ll eventually get bored out of the clothes but good quality clothes don’t get bored of themselves.
  2. Your clothes should pass the 30 wears test
    The #30wears test has been a major turning point for me. Whatever I buy has to have the capability to be worn & repeated at least 30 times else it’s a waste. Repeating clothes is the new cool. You not only save the environment but also add to your good karma by making judicious use of your money.
  3. Treat yourself like a queen
    Buy keeping that in mind. Don’t buy trends that just fade away without a sound. Buy pieces that speak class and grace. Buy clothing that makes you stand out in a good way. Treat yourself in the most amazing manner.
  4. Buy versatile pieces
    This trick always works. That stunning white shirt can be worn with pants, pencil skirt and even over a flowery twirling ankle length skirt. Buy pieces that can multi-task, just like you.
  5. Make clothes work for you
    Some people just wear the right clothes irrespective of their shape & size. That’s the trick no one told you about. Rather than stressing everyday over what to wear, have a wardrobe that’s ready for you all the time. Accentuate your features in the right way with your wardrobe. For example, wearing V necks is a good way to make your torso look longer. You can even wear clothes that are relaxed around your belly to make you look sharper. Embrace your body type and love it in all its imperfections.
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  6. Accessorise the sexy way
    Accessories work like magic. Boring kurta? Layer it with a long neckpiece and change the look. Plain shirt? How about wearing a bold pair of earrings to highlight your face. Just accessorise to shift the focus. A beautiful hair band is an instant outfit uplifter.
  7. Stock up on scarves
    I can’t stress on this enough. You’ll find my wardrobe full of scarves in different patterns and colours. Wherever I go, I bring back that city in scarves. Wear your scarf in different style and go from plain Jane to chic in seconds.
  8. Have bags in different shapes
    Bags make the world go around. From slings to totes to bucket bags, every bag has a story to tell. Take your outfit to the next level with a well structured bag.
  9. Take care of your clothes
    What you give is what you get! Take care of your clothes so that they take care of you. Wash them carefully, store them neatly and see them loving you back.
  10. Open your mind
    Experiment and see how clothes change your look. Try a different silhouette, take a break from the regular and let your spirits roar with a smile. Put on some makeup and see the world in rose tinted glasses. It’s not for anyone else, but for you.

Build your wardrobe in a way that it’s a pleasure to see it everyday. There are enough reasons for stress, ensure your wardrobe doesn’t add to it.

Hope you’ll make use of these 10 awesome clothing tips and ensure your wardrobe shines, just like you!

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