8 tips to save money while shopping

tips to save money while shopping

Shopping is always a good idea. Admit it or not, we all love shopping in one way or the other. It is such a therapeutic experience. Adding to our happiness is online shopping. It has become such a rage. Trust us when we say that online shopping is addictive, and if you aren’t addicted to it yet, you are shopping at the wrong place.


tips to save money while shopping


Browsing through hundreds of products, short listing them, comparing the prices and then finally making the all important decision – and you thought shopping was easy!

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could shop to your heart’s contentment and save some money at the same time?

Here are 8 tips to save money while shopping.

  • Make lists

Make shopping lists of things you want and categorise them as urgent, for leisure, splurging etc. If you are broke, shop from the urgent list only and try to avoid items on the leisure and other lists.

Impulse shopping kills your budget and should be avoided as much as possible. Let those red heels keep calling you from the rack, don’t fall in their trap.

You can also make a rule that you’re not allowed to buy stuff that isn’t on your list. This will curb impulse shopping to quite some extent.

  • Compare prices

Don’t just buy the product right at the first shop. Always compare prices at a couple of stores and be a smart shopper. You never know when and where you can get an additional discount, get a special beneficiary scheme and save some money.

  • Sharpen your negotiation skills

This method will be particularly helpful for local street shopping. Whether it’s Colaba or Janpath, street shopping is a great way to get some steal deals. Don’t we all love Lajpat Nagar and Sarojini Nagar!!


tips to save money while shopping


Negotiate well and you can save money. If you show keen interest in a particular item, the negotiation skills won’t work. Act cool and casual and you’ll get a good deal.

  • Look out for sales

End of Season Sale, Diwali Sale, Monsoon Sale and what not. Keep an eye on these sales, it’s a great time to fill up your shopping carts.

This tip works well for both online as well as offline shopping. Check your favourite stores and websites frequently. You could also sign up for their newsletter to get the latest on all the deals and discounts.

  • Shop in off season

Shopping out of season is a great way to avail some great deals and save money. Buy cardigans and blazers in summers and pick up cotton tees and crop tops in winters, when they are comparatively cheaper. There are always counters in stores for off- season merchandise. Check them out for some great bargains.

tips to save money while shopping

Just be sure to plan well in advance. Also don’t pick up stuff that would get outdated in just one season. Choose neutral colours and evergreen patterns.

  • Don’t let sales lure you

At the same time, be a smart shopper and don’t get carried away by a ‘Sale’. A lot of shoppers generally tend to buy things that they don’t need or will never use because it’s in sale. Why spend money on something that you’ll probably hardly ever use or wear?

  • Check for substitutes

If you want to buy a particular item and it isn’t fitting in your budget, try finding an economical substitute. Need a white shirt for the last day of college? Why spend a huge amount on a branded shirt if you’re just going to wear it a couple of times. Borrow from a cousin or a friend or look for economical options that fit your budget.

Finding substitutes for items on your shopping list will save money that you can spend on the next shopping spree.

  • Pick your shopping partner carefully

If you go out shopping with a shopaholic, there are chances that you’ll be spending more. Shopaholics love to shop and they’ll also love to see you shop.

Instead choose friends or cousins who’ll give you honest opinions and will not let you buy things that aren’t useful for you.

Hoping these tips to save money while shopping prove to be helpful and you can treat yourself to a little retail therapy. If you have any brilliant ideas on how to save money while shopping, do share them with us.

Happy Shopping! Happy Saving!!

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  1. Iam not addict but i love to shop online
    your tips is surely going to help me
    saving my money and extra effort that i waste browsing
    thank you for the help 🙂

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