How you can achieve #30Wears Test to Sustainability & why it matters

#30wears Tanya Sachdev
Repeating clothes is cool. Mixing & matching is cool.

#30Wears test is the new cool. Repeating is chic. Read how you can repeat clothes and save the environment. Go the Livia Firth way and do yourself and mother Earth a favour.

Sustainability is defined as- ‘avoidance of the depletion of natural resources in order to maintain an ecological balance’.

Since the pursuit of environmental sustainability is the need of the hour, Livia Firth’s 30 wears campaign needs to be the thumb rule to go by. She floated the campaign in 2016 and it’s the one question I always ask myself now before buying a piece of clothing or jewellery. It’s my money, yes and it has an impact on the environment. If nothing else, I can at least do my part of some minute percentage to save the environment. When our individual percentages will combine, it will surely become a whole.

The 30- wears test by Livia Firth simply involves asking yourself, “Will I wear this (any item of clothing you are buying) at least 30 times?” If the answer is Yes, pick it up else put it down. Do not buy it.

The whole idea is to promote mindful shopping. It is to make one aware of the purchases one is doing and it’s impact on the pocket, wardrobe, environment and self.

A UK study found out that we only wear clothes at an average of seven times which according to me is blasphemy. A third of us consider items to be ‘old’ just after three outings. Isn’t it time to be considerate of our purchases?

30wears test
Kate Middleton and Prince William at the BAFTA Film Awards 2020. Kate rewore a stunning Alexander McQueen gown, previously worn in 2012. Prince William also rewore a classic tux to show support for sustainability in fashion. Source: SAMIR HUSSEIN GETTY IMAGES

Livia Firth’s campaign is not about giving up buying new items of clothing but to change the way we approach shopping and owning clothes. Firth wants us to see our clothes as investments rather than disposables. Why is she working hard to change our view? She just wants to reduce the amount of clothing landing up in landfills. She is encouraging us to wear our clothes again and again and become outfit repeaters.

The breakup of 30 wears:

30 Times doesn’t seem to be a lot. If you wear the same top once a week for seven and a half months, you’ll be done. Someone may think, “What’s the big deal?” Mind you, people with a capsule wardrobe struggle to find pieces that have been worn over 30 times by them. Time you think too.

The biggest message by her is clear. Every time you buy something, ASK YOURSELF, “Will I wear it 30 times at least?” You’d be surprised by the number of times you say no.

Quick Guide- How to achieve 30 Wears:

  • Invest in classics. They never go out of style.
  • Pick pieces that can go mix & match. Versatile pieces can be styled differently.
  • Don’t buy pieces that are limited to few wears. We know them when we see them.
  • If you have a similar piece, avoid the purchase.
  • Buy quality pieces that will last 30 wears at least.

I hope this post has led you to think about your wardrobe and the changes you need to make to it. Tell me what you think about the #30wears challenge in the comments below.

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