Off beat Fashion trends that always stand out

The world of Fashion is always changing. Each of us has a different definition of fashion. Every year, each season- the designers come up with a new range of styles, colours, themes and fashion trends. These ever changing trends help us in bringing exciting changes to our wardrobes. Every year gives exceptional styles but the following off beat fashion trends have always ruled the roost. Let’s take a look…

Some exciting off beat fashion trends are –

  • Peplums
  • Colour blocking
  • Animal Prints
  • Collars
  • Neon colours


A peplum is a must add to your wardrobe. A peplum dress, skirt or even a top is a must have every season. It can be worn to parties, dinners or any formal or semi-formal occasion. It has dominated the collections of the high-end designers to fashion stores like Zara, Mango etc. A peplum dress clubbed with a good pair of heels is all that is needed for a party.

Fashion trends

Coloured Jeans and Colour Blocking

There were days when you always wore those boring jeans just available in 2 colours- black and blue. But these days there are a variety of colours available in denims. They come in a variety of hues of blues, yellows, greens, purples, oranges- just name the colour. These coloured jeans can be teamed up with all kinds of printed shirts and white shirts. Now-a-days a lot of colour blocking is happening where these coloured jeans will help you colour block. This can be done with the help of coloured shirts as well as racer backs and t-tops. This trend is a crazy fad amongst teenagers and has been there in the fashion scene for a long time.

fashion trends

Animal Prints

Another add on to your wardrobe are animal prints. These prints can be worn to colleges, parties and dinners. They are like life savers. They can be found in a variety of wears like shirts, skirts, dresses, scarves and pants. A well accessorised animal print dress can be worn to parties and dinners. A scarf can be used as an accessory for your plain boring t-shirt whereas an animal printed shirt can be worn with  jeans or colourful pants for college. Animal printed shoes add a big plus point to your regular outfits.

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Fashion trends


This season, club up your clothes with collars. You can wear a detachable collar as an accessory. These collars are found in different brands like Zara, Promod and even in street markets like Janpath (Delhi) and Colaba Causeway (Bombay). This fashion trend helps in giving your normal t-shirt a twist. This can also be worn on a collar shirt to give a double collared look and also on a normal plain boring shirt to have a layer of colorful collars.

fashion trends

Neon Colours

Another fashion trend that works every season are the neon colours. A plain black dress with a neon belt and heels is a perfect combination. Anything in neon colours is good to have to add brightness on a dull day. A neon top, neon accessory, neon bag or a pair of neon heels clubbed with something plain and sober gives a chic push to your outfit.

fashion trends

These trends have ruled some years and have been in hiding for some but they are here to stay. Funk up your wardrobe with these trends and stay chic.

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