10 Ways to make your wardrobe more useful

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‘I don’t have enough clothes. My wardrobe is useless. I’ve worn everything already. My clothes don’t appeal etc etc.’

Sounds like your story? We all are alike. The problem is not in your wardrobe, it’s in your approach to your wardrobe. Your exiting wardrobe is whole & complete to make you look your sassy best. How? Read on.

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10 Ways to make your wardrobe more useful

1. Organise your wardrobe today
A lot of our clothes are hidden under a pile of clothes. Some of them are out of sight. Some others are just pushed to a far corner. Organise your wardrobe as per pants, tops, shirts, night suits, scarves and see a lot of new pieces surfacing, the very pieces you had almost forgotten about.

2. Remove the clothes that no longer fit and make way for new items
Yes, this is hard but you gotta do this. You have kept that dress for way too long thinking you’ll wear it one day. Whatever the reason- smaller size, a silhouette that doesn’t suit too, it’s revealing, it’s uncomfortable etc etc, you gotta push it put of your wardrobe and give it to someone who’ll make a good use of it.

3. Stack clothes as per usability
I keep my pants together. My shirts are neatly piled in one section. The skirts are organised so that I can see them at one go. Have your clothes neatly stacked so that they are visible and you can wear what you like. Most often our clothes are irresponsibly bundled and as a result, we don’t find the right thing at the right time. Be responsible so that your wardrobe acts responsibly.

4. Shop sensibly
Yes, that’s right. Be mindful while shopping. Just because something is at a 70% off, you don’t have to buy it. See what is missing and you really need. At the moment, I need pencil skirts. I am ignoring flared skirts because that’s not what my requirement is. Be sensible while shopping and focus on what you need. The ads are there to divert you. Don’t give brands money for things you don’t need.

5. The 30 wears test
I love the 30 wears test. You must read how you can achieve #30Wears Test to Sustainability & why it matters . I don’t buy anything if it doesn’t pass the 30 wears test. Even for party wears, my new buys include things that I would wear multiple times. I only buy clothing items I’ll be able to wear again and again and not waste by merely wearing them once or twice.

I’m a proud sustainable fashion blogger based in India. I believe in the ethos of sustainability. I repeat my clothes unapologetically.

sustainable fashion blogger
I would have worn this t shirt way more than 30 times. It’s a value for money.

6. Change your attitude towards your clothes
Treat your clothes as your long term friends. Nothing is of use if its short term including friendships, mutual funds and clothing. Have a respectful attitude towards your clothes and see how they respect you back. Same piece of clothing will look hot on you if you give it its due love & respect.

7. Invest in quality clothes
Goes without saying! Quality clothes are expensive but cheaper in the longer run. They are good for the planet too. Invest in pieces that are high on integrity. Good quality clothing items go a long way and do not lose their sheen and purpose.

8. Have a wardrobe as per your weather
If it’s the summer season, your wardrobe should ooze the season out. It it’s winter time, change it to winter clothes. Do not make a cocktail of seasons. That will frustrate you because you’ll be mostly dealing with pieces that would be useless in the contrary season. Keep your wardrobe simple and as per the weather.

9. Look after your clothes
Yes, yes, yes. Wash your clothes in a gentle detergent, iron them well and keep them neatly. You just increase the life of your clothes by taking care of them. Hand wash is any day better than machine wash. Wash coloured clothes separately. Hang them inside out in the sun. Listen to what the elders preach and you’ll never go wrong.

10. Repair your clothes
A hole here or a thread out there doesn’t mean you’ll discard the piece. Get it mended. Don’t use this as an excuse to buy something new. Be mindful. Not every piece of clothing needs to be replaced. Some can be repaired and used for a long time. This is good sense.


These were my 10 Ways to make your wardrobe more useful. Use these tips and you’ll never be in shortage of clothes. Your existing wardrobe is a treasure full of surprises. Just dig a little.

Sort your wardrobe today & keep it stylish!

Tanya, a sustainable fashion blogger

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