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Let’s Expresso Fashion Blogs India: This post is totally as a token of thanks to the BeBeautiful and VLog On team at Unilever for their fantastic workshop at the Grand Hyatt Mumbai on 19th Oct’13. With a clear agenda in mind and everything worked out to detail, the day had a purpose and the purpose was achieved. A full planned day was divided into various sessions along side lip smacking food and beverages. The look and feel, the laying of couches, the sets, the props and the backend team ensured a great day with great outcomes.

It started at 11′ morning with the opening session by Avni Palekar, brand manager Be Beautiful. She gave a snippet on the activities and sessions planned for the day. With so much positivity and a smiling face, she laid down the enthusiasm at the word GO. Next was Bhaskar, Lead FMCG vertical at Google. He moved us through Google and the estimated power for beauty consumption in India. This was followed by the introduction to YouTube by Rajant from the YouTube team. He startled us by the world of YouTube and the endless features and opportunities provided by the platform.

Bumpy from The 120 Media collective gave us unheard advices on how to make videos at home. From right light to right ambience to right equipment, he spoke about them all. He made video making so easy right from the home. The session by him was a total delight and a reassurance that Video blogging was the next step for me. The hunger pang gave in and we broke for lunch after his session.

Lets Expresso
Ambika Anand speaking on fashion trends.
Clint Fernandes
Clint Fernandes speaking about beauty trends.

The lunch was followed by a detailed session on uploading the videos on Youtube and making the video more discoverable by Aanchal from the team. She was followed by Ambika Anand, editor in chief, Fashion at NDTV Good Times, who spoke on Fashion tips and trends. A quick tea break refreshed us and we were all set to hear Clint Fernandes who spoke on various beauty trends and their sources and how to work them on camera. Now the business part started and we learnt the ways to monetize our videos. This was taken over by the closing session where all our doubts were cleared. We called it a day by making DIY videos along with starters and drinks and a mini competition amongst us for making the best video on the spot. What fun! The dinner was served soon for which I skipped to spend some time with a close pal of mine. She took me to the Marine drive and I ate the Bombay famous pav bhaji at a restaurant. What a fun filled day.

image (3)

Lets Expresso
Just looking around…

image (4)Outfit :: Fashion Lookbook

Sandals: Catwalk, Neckpiece: Random
                   Top: Harpa Women Red Top

I have to give a special mention to the fluting dress by The Bandeau dress features pleated detail in a very intricate pattern in front. The tie and dye effect really makes it stand out. I have worn a red top over it and used it like a skirt which gets reflected under the top. The red top had a slight deep neck and the dress provided full support by working like an under shirt and the little glimpses through the shirt just made it so stylish. Thanks Ozel.

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