I’m still drooling over the products.

We women are known to be impulsive. But sometimes, hitting that Shop Now button doesn’t come with a guilt for every product’s worth the buck and has a utility in life. It’s not a random purchase out of some hormonal imbalance or a sudden urge. It’s a purchase done on impulse but it’s a purchase that makes you feel better with every product added in the cart. And when the shipment arrives, you only thank yourself. So today’s post is all about my one such experience with a site found recently,, founded in 2011 is a Singapore based Makeup e-shop. The website brings forth cult makeup and skincare brands from around the world to Asia and recently to Australia and to notice, has started shipping to India aswell. Luxola ships to Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Hong Kong, Brunei, and the UAE. There are more than 200 international brands from Sigma Beauty and Sleek Makeup to NCLA and Skin Inc at customer’s disposal to choose from. The website carries over 4000 products and offers beauty and creative inspiration to consumers through the virtual makeup studio and online magazine.

My haul from 

1. Zoeva Pink Elements Classic Set (INR 5813.50)
Zoeva Make up brush set with the silver carry pouch.

Reasons to buy:

  • 8 essential makeup brushes for eyes and face.
  • Feminine design in pink and grey.
  • Large clutch to hold all the brushes together.
  • A complete makeup brush kit which is easy to carry and use.
  • The set has everything from buffer brush to wing liner to brow brush to a face paint brush.

2. Zoeva Luxe Cream lipstick in shades Easy Spirit and Faith & Love (INR 762 each)
Zoeva lipsticks in shade Fath & Love and Easy Spirit.
  • A long-wearing creamy lipstick.
  • Full of luxury and pigmentation and guarantees comfort from the very first application.
  • Enriched with mallow, ivy and elderflower. An instant moisturising action for lips.
  • Vegan. Made in Italy.
  • Perfect colors for fall winter.
The complete haul picture with all the products.

3. Zoeva Graphic Eyes + Black to Earth Waterproof eyeliner (INR 474)

  • Everyday use Eyeliner pencil with extra smooth texture.
  • Highly pigmented and intense color.
  • For those gorgeous statement eyes that take you places.

4. Zoeva Cat Eye Pen Blackest Black (INR 522)
Cat Eye Pen and the Graphic Eyes+ Waterproof Eyeliner.
  • Eyeliner pen with precision to create delicate fine lines as well as sexy bold strokes.
  • Intense black with longlasting formula.
  • Perfect for creating sexy Cat Eye looks.

5. Lavie Luxury faux lashes (INR 368)
Lavie False eyelashes.
  • False lashes for a stunning nude look.
  • Natural volume and length.
  • Apply before a party and see the effect. Eyes can make all the difference!

This completes my haul. What do you think about it? Is there a product you would like to pick from my haul? Are you already using any of the products? Share your comments below!

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