Get your beauty shelf sorted with TidyUp Makeup Organizers

tidy up lipstick organiser
Lipstick Organiser on my makeup shelf.

What’s that one thing that irks the most while getting ready in the morning? Not finding the stuff you want. The shade you bought last week is no where to be found, the eye shadow brush is hiding somewhere and the mascara is lying in-between a dozen other products. And when you sneak something out of a bundle, OMG, everything falls down and here you go cleaning the mess instead of beautifying yourself. Since every problem has a solution, we got you an aid for this everyday hassle. Say hello to TidyUp makeup organizers. Makeup Life is sorted now.

Here are three TidyUp makeup organizers that I find useful for sorting everyday use makeup products.

1. Lipstick holder organiser: There are about 15- 20 lying on the makeup shelf and we end up using only the ones lying in front. Who the hell would pick the one lying at the back and risk scattering every other on the floor? Not me. Well, this lipstick holder organiser makes life simple in that way. You can stack your lipsticks, lip glosses, nail paints or whatever you like easily in this. The clear lipstick holder lets you see shades and find your products easily. Very useful!


TidyUp Makeup Organizers
Lipstick Organiser on my makeup shelf.


This lipstick organiser can hold 12 lipsticks in two rows. It’s lying neatly on my makeup shelf. I can pick whichever lipstick I want, without disturbing the other lipsticks.


2. Brush organiser: Sort your makeup brushes, liners, mascaras or anything you want in this lotus (round) shaped clear makeup holder. You can even store your lip glosses or eye liner bottles in a tidy manner inside this brush organiser. Nothing would fall off and everything is secured.


tidyup Brush organiser
Brush Organiser


My brush organiser is holding 6 lipsticks and 6 eyeliner pencils. I have placed the eyeliner pencils upside down so that I can read the colour written on them and pick the one I need. Sorted for parties.


3. Box holder: This clear makeup box holder lets you store anything in it. Use it for cotton balls, cotton swabs, blush, hair pins, rubber bands, clips, jewellery, nail cutter etc. The clear boxes help you see inside so that you can pick whatever you want. Place one box over the other or use them independently, choice is yours. I use it for my hair clips and other accessories and trust me, life is easy. No more wearing the same black hairclip everyday. Since everything is within reach, everything is used.


TidyUp Makeup Organizers
Box Holder with 3 compartments.

I have used the three compartments to store my makeup (blush on, gel eyeliner and lip balms), hair clips and hair pins. Hair clips and hair pins are the most messy and one can never find them in time. These compartments let me sort them and put them at a single place. I can even place these compartments one over the other to save space.


These makeup organisers arrange and store beauty products while making your dresser look clean and pretty. The problem of having too much makeup and not finding the right product when looking for it is solved hands on. These are multi purpose containers that unclutter your makeup shelves and add ease while getting ready every morning.

Tidy Up also has a range of Wire bin and Wire Traps that help in hiding clutter caused by wires and power strips in homes and offices. The area around TV and fridge is always cluttered with multiple wires. Wire bin neatly encloses all types of wires from adapters, chargers, TV etc and allows easy access to them whenever you need.

You can buy any of these products from Amazon here.

Simplify life with these easy solutions. Thank me later!

*PR Samples sent by the brand. Ofcourse, views my own! I won’t get you something that I won’t use.
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