Review: Elle 18 Colour Boost Lipsticks

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Elle 18 Color Boost lipsticks in stunning shades.

There are some days when life is on a budget. And then comes a party out of nowhere and it leaves you in a perplex. Buying a new dress is out of question. The old ones you have are already worn. So now what?

Mix and match is one thing we all have heard. Accessorise is a passe too. So what’s new? I’ll give you a simple trick. Accessorise your LIPS.

Elle 18 has launched a range of Color Boost Lipsticks in stunning shades of red, pink and orange to give your face a whole new look. With these shades there is no stopping you at any time from looking simply fabulous.

beauty blog India
Elle 18 Color Boost lipsticks in stunning shades.

Elle 18 Color Boost Lipsticks- Color Me Crazy!

  • 10 lovely shades including Reds, Oranges and Pinks.
  • Enriched with cocoa-butter formula to keep lips soft and color intact.
  • Nice sugary fragrance for a soothing effect.
  • Hydrating lipsticks, comfortable on the lips.
  • It’s a mix of color and gloss with color aspect being prominent.
  • You can Behold the attention with a glamorous pout.

Price: Rs 150/-. Accessorise in a budget!

Availability: Elle 18 counters.

beauty blog India
My Elle 18 Dollies!
beauty blog India
My 7 beautiful shades.

I have seven shades out of ten, which more or less makes it the entire range. The shades that I have are:

  • Miss Pink 01
  • Coral Nude 05
  • Blonde Pink 06
  • Hollywood Pink 07
  • Red Passion 08
  • Hyper Orange 09
  • Superlicious Red 10

There is a mix of pink, red, orange and nude. The packaging is regular in pink and black, but that’s fine looking at the price. Swipe the lipstick 2-3 times to get a bold color or leave it with a single stroke for a light color and sheen.

Elle 18 Colour Boost Lipsticks are easy to apply without much ado. Keep your pout colourful in a budget. Friendly option for college girls and those on shoe string budget days. Sometimes there is nothing like a budget buy and I love these lipsticks for the same.

Does Elle 18 remind you of your college days? Does it bring back Happy Memories? Let me know in the comments below 🙂

  1. This is probably a very affordable lipstick and they give a lovely shade if applied after a lip balm. Totally in love with this <3

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