5 Health Tips to Change Your Life

A healthy lifestyle simply means more health, wealth and happiness. In busy schedules and hectic days, some simple tweaks can ensure a healthy environment not only for your own self but family and colleagues too. Here are 5 health tips to ensure a better lifestyle. Take a few baby steps and see big results.

Hydrate properly

Drink enough drinking water to increase your energy levels. Always carry a water bottle with you. Sitting in AC during long working hours dehydrates the body completely. Keep drinking even if you don’t feel thirsty. Wear soothing clothes in summers and slightly loose fits. Wear more of cotton, linen and flowy fabrics.

Get up and move

You can’t hit the gym, no problem. Walk around your house, stroll in the park or just skip at home. But move, move and move. Take stairs up to the office or walk to the local market. While meeting your local colony friends, walk to their homes and save the hassle of unnecessary parkings aswell.

Breathe in fresh air and sunshine

Some amount of sunshine in required by the body to produce vitamin D. Open the windows of you home and let the fresh air pass through. Detoxify your home like your body. Ample sun is required by the home too to clear off mist and pollution. Roll down the car windows during a good weather. Move outside the ac premises for a cup of tea, sit in the outside lobby of hotels to enjoy food and drinks.

Eat natural

Consume more of fruits and vegetables- raw and coarse. Enjoy salads, sprouts and seasonal veggies. Tell your cook to use minimum oil and retain more of vegetable goodness. Keep a count of the number of teas and coffees consumed in a day. Opt for baked vegetables, tossed fruits and exotic ingredients.

Relax and smile

Take a break. Eat with your family, enjoy with your dog. Stay happy and count your blessings. In the fast paced life, make conscious efforts to smile more and keep tensions at bay. Things will happen at their own pace and too much of worry won’t lead anything. Keep others around happy, talk to them, show less of attitude, share and laugh more and see the positive results yourself.


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