5 Green Make Up Trends for 2017

hottest make-up trends for 2017
Green make-up trends for 2017

When talking about make-up trends, green is a colour that we usually shy away from. But do you know that Greenery is the official colour for 2017, so it is here to stay.

hottest make-up trends for 2017
Green make-up trends for 2017

Green is the colour of life. It signifies harmony and growth, and it is time that we all incorporated this glorious colour in various make-up trends.

Read on to find out the 5 make-up trends for 2017.

  1. Green eyeliner

Humble beginnings lead to beautiful trends.

Eyeliner is something that most girls are comfortable wearing. So all you have to do is ditch the black and go green. Buy a green pencil or liquid eyeliner and start playing around with colour.

top make-up trends for 2017
Black and Green and wing on fleek, what else can you ask for?
Source – web.stagram.com


beautiful eye make-up
Dash of green on the lash line for a peppy look!
Source – kikaykendz.com

And if you don’t want to spend on purchasing an eyeliner, use an angled brush to apply green eye shadow as eyeliner, and you’re done. This would need a little practice, so be patient!

easy eye make-up
Turn your eye shadow to eyeliner!
Source – Pinterest/Carla Maganinho
  1. Green nail polish

Green nail polish is not a favorite of many. In fact, I am also a pink nails girl! The market is filled with such pretty green shades that like me, you won’t be able to resist picking up a few. For summers, mint is a great colour to sport on your nails.

nail polish
Mint and Glitter make the perfect manicure combo for a beachy vacation.
Source – polyvore.com


beautiful nail polish
Forest Green or Chrome Green, whats your pick??
Source – spellpolish.com and stylecraze.com

You’d be living under the rock if you haven’t followed the matte nail polish trend. Try a moss green for a simple look or a bright neon green for some fun.

Matte nail polish
This is what happiness looks like! Perfectly painted matte nails.
Source – polyvore.com

The idea is to experiment with the green family, be it matte olive or glitter teal.

  1. Teal eye shadow

Teal is a beautiful blend of green and blue. The colour has become quite popular in the fashion industry and a lot of Indian and international celebrities have been flaunting stunning teal outfits.

If you want to be on fleek then being friends with teal eye shadow is a good idea. Do an elaborate glittery look for a party or wedding function and let your eyes do the talking.

smokey eye
How can something be so stunning. The right amount of colour with perfect smokey look!
Source – thebeautythesis.com

Pair your teal eye shadow look with contrast coloured outfits for it to stand out and make a bold style statement.

  1. Neon green eyeliner

We have praised the graphic eye liner trend so much in our previous posts that by now you know we love it.

neon green eye liner
Crushing over the perfect wings 🙂
Source – limecrime.tumblr

Go all out and bring out the bold side with a streak of neon green eyeliner. Pick up liquid neon green eyeliners online during the sale and enjoy creating new looks and experimenting with colour.

graphic eyeliner
Okay, this isn’t a neon green eyeliner. But the look has our heart and had to share it.
Source – lovemeravilla.tumblr
  1. Green eye shadow

A little glitter is always a good idea. When you want to amp up your make-up and make heads turn, glitter eye shadow comes to rescue. It is in fact one of the hottest make-up trends for 2017.

winged eye liner
Olive green eye shadow and bold green winged eyeliner, a great example of experimenting!
Source – abbymcgilolive

Play with colours, include various shades of green, or do a glittery smokey eye! Make-up and creativity knows no bounds.

smokey eye make-up
Love this subtle green eye-makeup look.
Source – lashfactorycosmetics.com

If you don’t want to spend huge amount of money on an eye shadow palette, then getting an eye shadow pencil is a good idea. They are affordable and super easy to work with. You could also buy individual eye shadow colors and customize your own palette.

Glitter eye shadow
What every girl secretly wishes for!
Source – Futilitiesmore

Hope these 5 make-up trends for 2017 inspire you to paint your world green, and make people go green with envy! Tell us which of these trends are you most excited to try in the comments below.

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