Gillette Venus Event- I #SubscribeToSmooth 30 Day Challenge

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The stunning trio 🙂

What happens when three beauty experts and a room full of beauty bloggers come together- A Mega Beauty Event. Yes, that’s exactly what happened at The Gillette Venus event last week. Amidst beauties with brains, a very dear topic to every woman was discussed- Hair Removal.

Gillette Venus organised a very interactive discussion with the bollywood actress Kriti Sanon along with makeup artist Namrata Soni and renowned aesthetic physician Dr Rashmi Shetty to educate about shaving as a convenient and effective hair removal technique. The three beautiful ladies shared their own experiences with shaving and busted all the myths attached to it. They echoed in the same breath as shaving being one of the most hassle free, convenient and painless methods of hair removal.

beauty blog India
Gillette Venus Shaving Session with Kriti Sanon, Dr Rashmi Shetty and beauty expert Namrata Soni.
beauty blog India
The stunning trio 🙂

Kriti Sanon believes in shaving as the best way of hair removal. As per her, “Women simply need to know the right technique of shaving to get the best results.” She is confident about the Gillette Venus products as being skin friendy and perfectly designed to suit women needs. Dr. Rashmi Shetty highlighted the fact that hair growth is determined by one’s genetics and hormones. As per her, shaving doesn’t cause any harm to the skin or makes the skin darker.

Namrata Soni was all in for shaving and has been using it for a very long time. Her outdoor schedules are complimented by shaving and she urges everyone to make it a part of their regular beauty regime. Her journey with Gillette Venus Razor goes a long way and she is a complete fan of it.

beauty blog India
Our Happy Hampers by Gillette Venus.
beauty blog India
Yours Truly and Kriti Sanon 🙂

The evening by Gillette Venus busted myths around shaving for women with some interesting conversations between the panelists and audience members. Personal experiences and scientific knowledge gave a logical reasoning for adopting shaving as a convenient, hassle free and safe way of hair removal. I take up the #subscribetosmooth challenge and in the next 30 days, I shall be breaking all the myths lurking around shaving based on my personal experience with Gillette Venus. Be with me in this journey and enable yourself to have the confidence to have a smooth, hair-free skin throughout the year.

How many of you have doubts around shaving? How many of you are still sceptical about adopting shaving as an effective hair removal system? Do let me know your concerns in the comments below and I’ll be happy to answer. Let’s pave way to a happy, hair free skin.

Gillette Venus app has all the information around shaving.

Gillette Venus Razors can be bought online from Amazon.

Here’s wishing a Happy Hair free skin. Be with me in this 30 day challenge.

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  1. Hey. Even I shave. Its been 10 years. I really find it easy. Some people are scared but I find it very comfortable.

  2. hello mam…its an easy way but i use to use early but i found my hair became hard n my underarm got tanned…n i only use wax but stil dat tanning is stil dere..thats the side effect of shaving…may b im wrong but plz help me out…

    1. Hi Karuna, the hair that are coarse and hard are initial strands of hair sprouting out. Each time you shave you also remove a layer of dead skin. Waxing is a great method but it is time consuming and the hair has to be a minimum length to get waxed. Shaving is fast and convenient at the comfort of your home. You can always opt for once in a while waxing session to get rid of tan. Hope this helps 🙂

    1. Show a dermatologist. Face is the most sensitive and important part of the body. Try bleaching which should solve most of your problem. If you still feel excess of facial hair, see a doctor. I would say, if it is manageable, live with it.

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