Myth Busted – Shaving leaves skin Dry and Flaky

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Life is easy now!

A party in the evening, but don’t have time to go to the parlour for getting waxing done? The easiest and one of the most convenient replacements of waxing is shaving. But many times a lot of pretty damsels are skeptical when it comes to shaving.

One of the most common myths is that shaving leaves skin dry and flaky. So today we thought of busting the myth and giving you some helpful insights about shaving.

lifestyle blog India
Myth Vs Fact

The top layer of your skin tends to become dry and flaky because of the accumulation of dead skin cells. These dead skin cells also steal the glow and the natural softness of the skin. Regular shaving would sweep off the top flaky layer, leaving your skin looking gorgeous and feeling great. Use a premium quality shaving gel, as this is more hydrating than an ordinary soap. The shaving gel would lubricate your skin and would protect it against cuts and bruises as well. And when you have shaved, apply a generous amount of body lotion or body butter of your choice for that extra dose of moisturisation.

The important thing to keep in mind is your skin type. If you have sensitive or hyper-sensitive skin type then you can shave a day prior to the main event. Use a sensitive skin friendly razor and shaving gel and minimise the redness. For ones who have normal skin type, you can shave on the day of the event. Shaving would not harm your skin if you use the right shaving tools. In fact it would leave your skin soft and supple.

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lifestyle blog India
Life is easy now!

Believing in myths without knowing the truth is the main cause that many women stay away from shaving. Shaving off the top layer of dead skin cells in a convenient and pain free way is a great choice.

So say yes to shaving and beautiful radiant skin!

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Gillette Venus app has all the information around shaving.

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Here’s to a convenient & easy Hair free skin.

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