LeCalla.in- Sterling Silver Jewellery for Everyday Wear

sterling silver jewellery
So Gothic, So Chic!

When my hamper of happiness arrived from LeCalla.in, I had 5 reasons to dance around. I wanted to go to a friend to show my recent designs, I wanted to show her my choices, I wanted to boast about my eye for details and most of all I wanted to flaunt my beautiful Sterling Silver Jewellery Pieces.

This post is about my love for silver jewellery. And when it’s available online, there is no reason to not pick a piece now and then. I had a shopping disorder and I ordered 5 and I don’t regret it. LeCalla is addictive for it brings you the most suave and contemporary Sterling Silver Jewellery for everyday wear. The elegant and fashionable designs speak for the craftsmanship!

Sterling Silver Jewellery
My boxes of Happiness!
Sterling Silver Jewellery
Don’t envy me please!


Everyday Wear has to be edgy, it has to represent you. While there are many Dos and Dont’s attached, at the end of the day we are all sensible to wear what suits the purpose. And sterling silver jewellery has always worked. It goes with our kurtas, it goes with our pants. However, when delicately paired with churidaar kurtas, patiala salwaars and colorful dupattas, it brings out that lively and playful side out. And the Best Part- silver goes with almost every and any colour. Mix and match in a hassle-free way.

Here are 5 Sterling Silver Jewellery Pieces specially picked from LeCalla.in with reasons. And the Reasons are mostly emotional!


1. Moonstone Love Stud Earrings

Sterling Silver Jewellery
Moonstud Love Stud Earrings by Lecalla.in.

Look at this beauty. It’s like that ray of shine and hope! Pair it with your formals or pair it with a kurta for high tea, these studs are exceptionally beautiful. Noone will miss this piece of sterling silver beauty in your ears. As for the compliments, I can give a first hand thums up.

2. Goth Style Arrow Ear Jacket Studs

sterling silver jewellery
So Gothic, So Chic!

Think something different. Try Gothic for a change. This is what this brand is all about- designs dwelled out of themes with a contemporary look. These ear jacket studs will go so well with a gown, a full length dress or something Indian at the same time. Dipped in 14 k gold plating, this ear jacket is a stunning makeover to the regular earrings.

3. Gold Rush Hoop Earrings

Dual Toned Gold Rush Hoop Earrings.

Just rush to these earrings. The double tones, the silver shimmer, the silver twirled around the gold base- every detail is to catch for! This is like silver hanging around you. This is that delicacy that only a silver lover can understand. Wear it with an all Black Kurta or wear it with your long black dress, this shimmer will be your best friend for the day.

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4. Three in One Hoop Earrings

The Dainty Three in One Hoops Earrings.

Look at how beautifully something can be crafted. The only reason I ordered this was the ‘too dainty design’. I mean look at how the three different tones are amalgamated to create a masterpiece. With Rhodium, 14k gold and rose gold plating, this will be that delicate statement piece for every outfit. Such beauty!

5. Personalised Ring

Get inked for life!

Well, there is no way you cannot wear this. Think of a name and LeCalla will cast it for you. Get this personalised ring with your name or your beloved’s name or your friend’s name. Let this be the friendship ring. Life needs a spunk sometimes and thank God for making such products.

LeCalla makes Sterling Silver Jewellery. Each piece made is free from lead and nickel. Additional layer of anti-tarnish coating gives a long-lasting shine and tarnish resistance. Handling with care only increase the life and look of any jewellery piece.

So whether you are a kurta lover or in love with your dresses, these pieces will add that charm that fulfils a look. Hectic work schedules leave no time to spend even an extra minute to get ready. These pieces or for that matter most of the pieces on the site are easy to wear, easy to match and shine bright. When getting ready becomes simpler, life takes a new spin. Have a look at LeCalla.in and find your pieces.

After seeing my love for you and silver jewellery, LeCalla.in is extending love on their entire range of sterling silver jewellery for Let’s Expresso readers. You can use the below coupon codes for an amazing discount.

LECALLA-TAN-25 Get 25% off on orders equal or above Rs. 1,500.00

LECALLA-TAN-20 Get 20% off on orders equal or above Rs. 1,000.00


Hurry up, now is a good time to shop :).

Which of my pieces have you loved the most? I love them all!



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  1. The website has beautiful designs and the price range is economical too. Thanks Tanya for always bringing new things to our notice.

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