Nish Hair review | Hair Love Story

Nish hair review
Taking my burgundy hair strands for a shopping day.

Hey beautiful friends, I’m back with a cool review and this time it’s for Nish Hair, a brand that has opened my view about ‘fun with hair’. There is so much that can be done with our hair with a very little effort thanks to right products. Nish Hair has revolutionised the hair care segment and has made life so much stylish with their cool hair products. Let’s see what they have sent to me…

Nish Hair review | My Hair Love story begins

The brand has sent the following 3 products:

  1. Human Hair Donut Scrunchie
  2. Hair line powder
  3. Burgundy Strandout- Coloured Clip-In-Hair

I was super excited to try out all the products and here’s my review about them. Let’s go one by one.

Human Hair Donut Scrunchie

Price: Rs 1799/-, size Small

I have it in size dark brown and what a treat it is to wear it for a fun feel and look. The donut scrunchie is lightweight, easy and comfortable to wear all day long. Just wrap it around a top knot, mid knot, low knot and see the fun. What more, wrap it around your half tied hair for a full donut look. Feel great while flaunting the look at work, coffee or a party.

Nish hair review
Look at the fun of wearing the donut scrunchie.
Nish hair review
Wear it to work or a party for an enhanced look.

It has become my staple now. I love the half up bun hairstyle. And I love it messy. This donut scrunchie makes the whole look so much fun and messy that I love it to the core. You can have it the way you want- messy or clean, your choice. Furthermore, there are so many colours to choose from, so whatever your hair colour, they have an option. From natural black to dark brown, light brown and graceful grays, there is ample and more to delight.

Hair Line Powder

This is a special product for all those days when grays show up like unwanted weed.

Price INR 1099 | Available colours- natural black and dark brown

It’s the perfect solution to hide gray roots and even the small bald patches. This hair line powder is suitable for all hair types and is really helpful for those with thin hair. There is no residue or stickiness with this product. It has to be applied on dry hair. It comes in a compact box with an applicator that is easy to us. Just dab the powder on the spots your hair is thinning or balding or graying. You’ll get a natural and flawless look. It’s easy to use and easy to carry for a work trip or a vacation. It’s simple to apply and wash off.

It is an mazing product that superbly covers the grays and lets you breathe a sigh of relief.

Burgundy Strandout- Coloured Clip-In-Hair

Aah, here starts the fun of having those bold red streaks without really colouring your hair. These are clip in strandouts, super easy to apply. Whenever in a bad mood, just clip them and head out. The world will seem different! Nish hair has a lot of colours and I’m really eyeing on the dirty blue and lavender.

I wore it for a shopping trip with a friend and the whole mood was uplifted with the reds in my hair. The strands merge with the hair and nobody can make out that it’s a clip on. You can shorten the strands as per your hair length and style them as well.

Nish hair review
The strands stand out and how!

Price: INR 850 | Available in multiple colours from ombre, to green , blue and pink.

Whenever you fancy some trendy colourful highlights in your hair, these clip on strandouts are the answers without any damage to the hair. You can simply match your outfit or the occasion and walk out in style and vigour. Not to forget, be ready to some cheeky and admiring compliments from all directions.

Please note: Both, the donut scrunchie and the burgundy strandout is made of 100% human hair extensions. These are lightweight, easy and comfortable to wear all day long. Both the products blend flawlessly with the hair. Washable and reusable.

Hope you liked the review. I’ll be back with another one soon. Till then take care and keep smiling.

Much love


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