Packing Tips for travel

Packing tips

The night before the trip seems to be the longest night! There is a cocktail of excitement and anxiousness. And for a large number of people packing is a big time worry. The world goes by the saying ‘Travel Light’. But when you actually start packing, all the rules go out of the window and what remains is immense happiness with a generous doze of confusion. It is time to part ways with confusion. Read on to get easy and convenient packing tips for travel.

Packing tips for travel

  • Split your valuables

It is always advised that you split your valuables like cash, debit and credit cards and traveler cheques as much as possible. Put them in different pockets and compartments.

  • Backpacking expert

If you are the back pack type, then this one is especially for you. Whenever packing in a back pack, put lighter items at the bottom and the heavier ones on top. Yes, it does sound a little odd. But this way backpack will feel lighter on your back.

  • Clothes

Whether it is a business trip or a leisure holiday, never compromise on your fashion! Pack smart so that you have enough options and look great even in limited choices.

Cut down on jeans and trousers and instead carry tops and t-shirts. You can always repeat the jeans. Similarly carry multipurpose clothing like pajamas and sweatshirts. You can use them as daywear and even sleepwear.

  • Toiletries

Shampoo, conditioner, face wash, body wash, body lotions, perfume ….the list of toiletries is endless. Carry small bottles which are handy and take up less space. You don’t want to carry that huge shampoo bottle for a 4 day vacation. I am using the Soultree Travel kit which has small size bottles of all the essential toiletries. The brand crafts products from natural origin ingredients. This Female Traveller Kit comprises of a Face Wash (made from Chamomile, Neem & Nutgrass), a nourishing Moisturizer with a soothing fragrance, an Under Eye Cream made from Tulsi, Aloe & Green Tea and a butter Viola Lip Balm made from the goodness of organic ghee & 7 organic oils.

Travel packing list
Soultree Travel kit
  • Shoes

Packing shoes in zip lock pouches is a great idea. This way your bag remains cleans and odor free. Also carry shoes according to the climate of the destination. Walking shoes and flip-flops are your best mates.

  • Carry some essentials

You must always carry some essentials like plastic bags, zip lock pouches and a flashlight whenever packing for a vacation. Extra plastic bags can be used as a makeshift dustbin or to store your dirty clothes and shoes.

Also packing medicines is an important part. Adding the following to your medical pouch would surely be helpful – antiseptic lotion, sanitizer, bandage, medicine for flu, upset stomach, pain killers, anti-vomit and anti- allergy.

Simple and effective, these tips would turn packing into happily packing!

  • Rolling up

Many times even the perfectly folded clothes end up being crushed and crumpled when you arrive at the destination. The perfect solution for this problem is roll up technique. Shirts, trousers or dresses, roll them up tightly and then place them in your bag or suitcase. This way there would be less creases on the clothes.

Make a Travel Packing List

Before starting to pack for your trip make a travel packing list and keep ticking off things as you pack them in the bag. This way you would avoid last minute running around and the chances of leaving behind some essentials is also reduced.

Tips for Female Solo Travellers

– Always Plan ahead. Don’t leave anything to chance.

– Make sure to have an emergency contact number for every place you visit.

– Be Brave but very Cautious. You don’t want to take a high risk in an unknown land.

– Know some basics of Self Defence and do keep security products like pepper spray handy.

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  1. The packing tips are really helpful for me at least…i get very much confused while packing bags before any trip….thanks a lot for your help tips and it made my work more easier….keep posting with more new tips….

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