Seeing the Sights in and Around Charleston


When summer heats up, and you find yourself longing for gorgeous shoreside cities: it’s time to make a trip out to Charleston, South Carolina. This amazing historic city has made a name for itself as one of the best vacation destinations for anyone who wants to walk the more interesting trail of life.

From gorgeous parks and architecture to fascinating aquariums and monuments, you’ll be wowed by Charleston from the moment you arrive!

Historic Charleston City Market

The City Market is a downtown Charleston historic complex. Built in the late 1700s, this market is four city blocks long and shouldn’t be confused with a market that sold enslaved people nearby. The City Market Hall has a lot of detail put into everything, from the columns to the shingles and specific bricklaying.  This is one of the most beautiful buildings in the city and is absolutely worth a visit if you have a chance.  

South Carolina Aquarium

South Carolina understands the importance of wildlife conservation, and the South Carolina Aquarium shows that better than anything else. Home to over ten thousand plants and animals, ranging from alligators to otters, this aquarium holds nearly four-hundred-thousand gallons of water and seven hundred species of animal. Getting to visit this aquarium can make a trip into something spectacular.

Fort Sumter National Monument

A sea fort built in 1812 as retaliation to when the British invaded Washington by Sea, it wasn’t completed even in 1861 when it was attacked during the American Civil War. The fort as it was originally designed was never fully completed, but it’s become an interesting tourist spot for anyone who wants to take in an unusual sight and story you won’t be able to find or hear anywhere else. This is a stop everyone should consider making! 

Rainbow Row

This series of gorgeous colorful historic houses in Charleston stand out from what people think of when picturing historic homes. Rainbow Row wasn’t coined until the 1930s and 1940s, but many of these homes were built in the 1800s. Each home is a different pastel color that occasionally gets updated.

Some of these homes are businesses, some are museums, but most are still used as residences for renters or as hotels for short-term stays. They’re a beautiful part of the local history. 

Joe Riley Waterfront Park

If looking at Charleston houses for sale and sightseeing is wearing you thin, it’s time to take a leisurely walk through Joe Riley Waterfront Park. This massive park has been one of the top beachside areas to enjoy oceanfront views while also taking in the greenery and soothing calm for the last thirty years.  

Part of the National Trust for Historic Preservation, this park is centered by a beautiful fountain that’s centered by a sculpture of a pineapple, one of the most easily recognizable signs of southern hospitality!

Charleston Can Be a Dream Come True for Any Vacationer

If you’re ready for an interesting vacation, you’ll find it in Charleston!  Not only is this one of the best destinations to visit, but you may also find yourself wanting to move here.

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