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dead sea Jordan
That’s us floating in the Dead Sea. Check out our faces smeared in Dead Sea mud.

Travel is synonymous with liberating the soul. You get to explore new places, meet new people and hear fascinating stories. Furthermore you shop for souvenirs which becomes an indispensable part of fond memories and eat yummy delights. This season, travel to Jordan for a leisurely vacation. There is so much to do and explore in Jordan that you can never have a dull moment.

The best part about Jordan is its rustic charm. The people are so warm and friendly, it adds to the overall holidaying experience. You can sit in a coffee shop and ponder over life, or enjoy a desert safari and get mesmerised by the grandeur and opulence of Jordanian beauty.

I have done it all. I have rushed through the day and taken a moment while sipping the famous Jordanian mint tea. I have walked 2 kms to reach Petra and relaxed for 2 hours in Red Sea. The country takes you through extreme highs and lows and kicks your adrenaline up the sky. And yes, take along a good camera like I took Honor 5X. Your pictures will stay with you for a lifetime. Honor 5X has sealed my memories.


Read on to find 5 must visit places on a leisure trip to Jordan. 

Create your wow factor here.


1. Petra


Petra is the most popular tourist attractions of Jordan. This archeological site has been attracting tourists from all over the world. Petra is also popularly known as Rose City, due to the color of the stone out of which it is carved. Built as early as the 5th century, the site is an example of architectural brilliance.


must visit places on a leisure trip to Jordan
Al-Khazneh – The Grand Treasury!


The entrance to the city is through a narrow gauge which is surrounded by high cliffs on both sides. Keep walking till the end to witness magic – the treasury, Al- Khazneh. It is the most imposing site of Petra. Apart from the treasury there are various other popular places to visit like – Roman style theatre, Ad-Deir monastery, The Great Temple of Petra, Silk Tomb, and Petra Archeological Museum.

You cannot miss visiting this intriguing place. And trust us, you’ll have emotions overflowing! No wonder it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the new wonders of the world.


little Petra
Little Petra, 5 kms from the main Petra.


Petra by night
Petra by night!


Note: Not to miss visiting the Little Petra and Petra by night. Petra by night is a spectacular event to showcase this great wonder amidst candles and stars. The entire way to the treasury is lit up by candles on both the sides. The final view of the treasury in colourful lights makes for a once in life experience.


2. Dead Sea


If you love relaxed, laid-back destinations then Dead Sea is the place to be. It is the world’s saltiest water body and the lowest point on earth. It is also called Salt Sea. There are numerous spas in the region where you can indulge in a therapeutic massage. The mineral rich mud of the Dead Sea region has gained a lot of popularity. Dead Sea has also become a hub for religious travellers. It is peaceful, mesmerising and very calm.


dead sea Jordan
That’s us floating in the Dead Sea. Check out our faces smeared in Dead Sea mud.


Because of the high salinity, swimming in Dead Sea is equivalent to floating. Stay afloat, pamper yourself or just stroll through the area to witness the mystical rock salt formations.


3. Aqaba


Visit Aqaba, Jordan’s window to the mighty Red Sea. It is a coastal city which sets the perfect backdrop for a ponderous and laid back holiday. The main attraction is Red Sea and diving. There are a few places to visit – Aqaba Fort, Aqaba museum and a Roman Church.


Aqaba captured by my Honor 5X
Aqaba captured by my Honor 5X


When in Aqaba don’t miss scuba diving. See the red corals, eat and sing in the cruise boat and chit chat. Dive into the sea and make this the most cherished memory of your trip. Also enjoy some pampering and rejuvenation at the spas in the city. Who doesn’t like a nice massage on a vacation?


4. Ma’in Hot Springs


Hammamat Ma’in is a series of hot water springs located between Dead Sea and Madaba in Jordan. It is a very famous religious tourist attraction. The waterfall has biblical connections and attracts pilgrims from the world over.


The mighty falls at Ma'in
The mighty falls at Ma’in


The main waterfall gushes over a cliff and is an astounding site. The place is home to exotic spa resort where you can unwind and relax. Enjoy a dip in the hot springs. Just 6km from the main site is Al Megheirat dolmen field (dolmen mean prehistoric chamber tombs). There are hundreds of dolmens scattered over various hillsides making it a pristine destination.

Note: The hot water from the spring is channeled into the pool. It’s your sauna for a relaxed evening. Get inside a cold pool post this and see your body rejuvenating.


5. Wadi Rum


How about a leisurely vacation on moon? Seems impossible right…Instead enjoy a heavenly vacation in The Valley of Moon – Wadi Rum.


must visit places in Jordan
Beautiful Wadi Rum


It has been cut into sandstone and granite; and is home to Bedouins since ages. It is the largest valley in Jordan. Once you get over the overwhelming love at first sight, there is still a lot to do. Enjoy hiking and trust us the climb will be worth the effort. The view from the top is amazing. You can enjoy horse safari, camel safari or camping. Vibes are always on point at Wadi Rum.


must visit places on a leisure trip to Jordan
Walk on Mars…


You have to see Wadi Rum yourself to know what magnificence is all about. Stretches of desert, crimson colored sand till the horizon, Bedouin influences and the barren charm!

Jordan is a your leisure destination. Find yourself here. Family, friend, neighbour or work mate, just grab someone and get going. Ofcourse, pack a good camera along.

My trip to Jordan would not be the same if I didn’t have my Honor 5X. All these pretty pictures were shot on the amazing phone.

When are you packing your bags and visiting Jordan for a leisure time?

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