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International travel tips

We all eagerly await the time when we have to pack our bags and head out for an all new experience. For some travel is occasional and for some it is a way of life. Vacations are a great way to rejuvenate oneself and get a small break from the mundane routines and deadlines. Short or long, domestic or international, one must go on frequent vacations (and yes you need to squeeze out time) and experience the fun of life. Here are some effective travel tips that would help you make your vacation a memorable experience.

Travel tips

  • Pack as per the destination

It is beneficial to know the weather details of the destination and then pack clothes accordingly. When travelling to the hills, carry some light woollens even in summers. A slight rain and winds of change!! That’s when you’ll miss your sweatshirt and shawl.

  • Make copies of important documents

It is always recommended that you make copies of important documents like passport, travel insurance, driving license, credit and debit cards etc. It is one of the most important international travel tips. Just in case you lose any of these documents, you would at least have a copy for immediate use.

In addition to these also carry copies of hotel confirmations, travel itineraries and tickets.

  • Know the language

Travelling to a new country has an unmatched happiness. In this excitement and joy don’t forget to learn some basic words of the local language of the destination you are visiting. Hello, food, washroom, water, please, no, yes, doctor etc. are some basic words that you should learn.

And also if possible carry a dictionary of the local language with you.

  • Money Wise

Before visiting a foreign destination, look up at the monetary conversion rate. In addition to this, ensure that your credit or debit card works in the country you are visiting. Using traveler’s cheques is also a great option when travelling overseas.

Carrying local cash is always helpful. Not all places accept cards, therefore having local cash comes in handy.

  • First aid and medicines

Carrying the right medicines and some elementary first aid requirements is one of the most important travel tips. It is always recommended that you take at least the important medicines with you. Anti-allergy, pain killers and medicine for flu, cold and upset stomach are the basics. In addition you must also carry antiseptics, bandage and antacid with you. In our recent article, we have covered all about the packing tips. Read here for easy & convenient packing tips for travel.

  • Learn local laws

Get the basic idea of the laws and rules of the country you are travelling to. You don’t want to ruin your vacation by breaking a law and entering a messy situation.

  • Snack it up

Traveling to a foreign country has its share of surprises. There are chances that you might not like the food of the destination in one go. Therefore you must carry some dry snacks with you. These snacks prove to be saviors in situations when you don’t like the food of the destination or just want to munch on something.

Implement these travel tips and make vacations into ‘Happy Vacations!’

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