5 things to consider when choosing professional attire

what to wear to office
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Many people believe that there is no scope of experimenting with professional attire. Although there are restrictions and limitations, but you still can do a lot with formal wear.

Choosing the right professional attire is essential. It enhances your personality and you feel more confident. Usually offices have dress codes that employees need to stick to. Incorporate new styles and create varied looks within the boundaries.


professional attire
Say goodbye to boring old formals!


Here are 5 things to consider when choosing professional attire.

  • Be confident

Certainly the most important thing to keep in mind when choosing professional wear. Pick up something that you feel confident and comfortable in. If you aren’t comfortable in what you are wearing you wont be able to concentrate on your work and you don’t want that happening.


what professional attire to wear at office
Crisp and classic, the pant suit will surely make heads turn.


If you aren’t comfortable in western formals, begin with Indian formals. Suits, kurtas and cotton sarees are great options. Slowly you can shift to western formals. Midi skirts, trousers, tops, printed shirts and business suits are some great choices for formal wear.


professional attire
Indian formals also look amazing.


Formal wear is all about crisp silhouettes. Make sure not to wear plunging necklines or deep cut blouses. Also make sure the fitting of your clothes is perfect. You don’t want to wear anything that is too tight to breathe, or something loose and shabby.

  • Don’t be too casual

Lucky you, if you work in an office that allows casual dressing all days of the week. But the trick is not to get too casual or creative with your office dressing.


professional attire
Dresses are an asset. You can dress them up or be casual chic.


Casual pants, skirts, and well fitted tops work best. Avoid wearing sneakers or flip flops. You could wear comfy flats or kitten heels instead.


how to innovate professional attire
Love this look. The top is casual, but the beautiful trousers and heels add a dimension.


Don’t go overboard with accessories and make-up. Keep it simple and classic. You can also wear casual Indian kurtis with palazzos, long kurtis with skirts and kurtas with jackets.

  • Choose the right footwear

It is rightly said that your footwear has the superpower to enhance your look. Footwear indeed is an integral part of professional attire, and tends to get overlooked many times.

Stick to basics, nothing flashy or too fancy when choosing footwear for office wear. Neutral colors work best. Heels do look good and give a classy professional look.


how to choose professional attire
Heels adding a glam touch to the professional look.


But if you aren’t comfortable in wearing heels all day, we recommend you invest in some good flats. Peep toes, ballerina flats, sandals and even platforms can be good options.


how to choose office wear
You can also consider wearing wedges, block heels or kitten heels.


For slightly casual wear you could go for loafers or sneakers. You can also experiment with tie-up sandals or gladiator flats if your office allows casual footwear.

  • Dress as per your body type

At your work place you’ll see a lot of people experimenting with new styles and looks. But keep in mind that not all styles are meant for everybody.


professional attire
Be confident! Be You!


It is essential that you dress as per your body type. Don’t be a fashion victim and follow trends blindly. If a pencil skirt suits you, flaunt it with confidence.


what to wear at office
Don’t shy away from experimenting with Indian wear. It suits all body types.


If you think that high waist pants don’t complement your body type, don’t forcefully wear them. When you dress as per your body type you feel more confident. And as a result you can put in all your energy in your work and outshine!

  • Say yes to blazers

If you think that blazers are just for men, think again. There are so many ways that you can style a blazer and wear it to work. It is a trend in the west and is slowly becoming popular in India as well.

Blazers look sleek stylish and very professional. Pair a pastel colored blazer with a pencil skirt and heels for a client meeting.


professional attire
How gorgeous are these pastel hues…


You can wear blazers in summer and winter, just choose the fabric wisely. Wear a shorter blazer with a longer top for a semi-formal look. Pair it with slim fit pants or high waist pants and you are good to go.


Boss Girl Vibes on point
Boss Girl Vibes on point.


Incorporate these tips and ideas and give your formal wear a twist of trend. Life is fun and so has to be office wear. Keep in limits, keep the fun. Even the most boring outfit can be spinned with these tips. Keep the fun alive at workplace and let your wardrobe do the talking.

Happy Styling!


(Pics Sources – pinterest.com)


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