2 STATES Reviews: The story of my marriage by Chetan Bhagat

2 STATES The story of my marriage by Chetan Bhagat Reviews

Who doesn’t know Chetan Bhagat- the Indian English writer of Five point someone (2004,) One night@ the call center (2005) ,Three mistakes of my life (2008),2 States (2009) and  Revolution 2020(2011) .The writer is popular with both boys and girls,young and old. The familiarity of places and characters in his books identify not only with the IIT-D/IIM-A turned writer, but with all of us. His writing about himself and youth of his time – identify and are akin with real life stories of most of us.

Each and every book of Chetan Bhagat keeps you glued to the book till you have finished it. Having read all the novels you feel you know him personally. The writer’s use of the words and first person narrative techniques bring you closer to him and tie a bond between the reader and the writer, and one is mesmerized by the way events unfold themselves like the petals of the flower. As claimed, 2 states is a self description of the writer’s own love story which makes you hold your breadth till the end. It is the story of Krish and Ananya who first meet in the IIMA mess in Ahmedabad, as in all love affairs friendship turns to love which finally ends in marriage. But after going through trials heartaches even heartbreak at one point.

Krish -a Punjabi from Delhi and Ananya- a Tamilian from Chennai have a tough time in making their parents agree to their marriage. It seems very real, the tactics Ananya and Krish use in bringing their parents around to agree to their getting married. Not only language and customs differ as normally happens, Krish’s  mother’s expectations for her IITD/IIMA son are which normally one gets to see in every Indian marriage in terms of big dowry, car, gold, jewellery ,gifts etc .etc.  etc .and an image in the society of Punjabis.

Synopsis :

Both Krish and Ananya are not willing to elope, rather want a smile on their parents face at the time of marriage.

The first meeting of Ananya parents and Krish’s at the IIMA convocation fails.

Once Krish is posted to Chennai Citibank. Ananya requests Krish to win over her parents love and affection.Krish tutors Ananya‘s brother Manju for IIT. Helps her father with his presentation in the bank and her mother’s desire to become a singer is promoted by her being selected as one of the singers along with Hariharan/S.B. Balasubramaniam in the concert being put up by Citibank to get more clients, all with the efforts of Krish and a surprise for the family.

Krish’s efforts to bring two families together by inviting them to Goa and loading his mother with gifts by Ananya’s parents also ends in failure.

Ananya almost breaks up with him, so much so that Krish is heartbroken, turns into a wreck and is referred to a psychiatrist.

Blood is thicker than water, the story takes a turn very much to the relief of the readers, who can’t tolerate to see their heroes and heroines split up.

Krish’s father an ex-army officer not having a strong footing after retirement has very sour relations with his wife and son, who is almost absconded, flies to Chennai .An early morning call from Ananya surprises Krish that his father had visited them and settled the differences and fixed up the marriage.

Krish shocked as he  runs around to look for his father who says “I am your father, a bad father, but I am still your father. A life partner is important.”

Thus, the story ends with Krish and Ananya getting married in Tamil style.

The writer beautifully depicts the differences in the cultures of the 2 states with sarcastic comments from the Punjabi family.

Two states grips your attention. Along with youngsters, parents should read it. Ananya’s father says, “Yes, the Tamilian in me is a little disappointed. But the Indian in me is quite happy, more than anything, the human being in me is happy.”

Ananya, “I love you and your clan, too.”

Krish’s mother: “I sent my son to do one MBA,I am getting two MBAs in return.”

Through 2 States, author highlights the fact that caste, creed, color, language boundaries- political or otherwise should not create hurdles in the path of love .After all we are all Indians.

P.S. Parents do no break the hearts of your children, they all love you and want a SMILE on your face; not a broken heart, a sullen face or deprivation of love.

This is what 2 States is all about.

  1. I’ve read the book (but again, who hasn’t! lol). It was quite an interesting storyline. He’s gotten some strong criticism on the book too, from what I’ve seen on web and TV, but I don’t quite get why. I find his writing style quite enjoyable.

  2. True Anish, Chetan Bhagat has very gripping writing skills..one can start and finish the book on the same day.

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