Blogging vs Real Jobs : Make Money Online, Part Time Jobs, Work at Home !

How to Make Money Online ? Get Free Home Jobs ?? Can I Work Online from Home to earn Money or Should I go with my real job routine that pays a monthly salary ? These are the thoughts that haunt me when I think of taking blogging as a full time experience. My job pays me well and gives me the financial security. But there is something amiss, and the feeling is so strong that it makes me overlook my well paid job. I am sure most of us face the same dilemma, so I though of putting down Blogging vs. real jobs.


 –Freedom: Full freedom to do what you want. You can write what you want, when you want and how you want. One doesn’t have to force something as told by the bosses. You are your own master.

Flexible schedule: There are no office timings to be adhered. The entire day is yours and you can plan it- as you like it. You can take a break, relax, read, and have fun with family and friends as per your schedule. There is no strict reporting or leaving time.

 –Your are your own boss: You can utilize your skills as per your suitability and there no approvals by seniors required for your work. You are in command of your work and can take independent decisions. Your word is the last word.

 –Money- no limit: There is no limit to the amount of money you can make. Hard work and perseverance will take you a long way. Though, tough initially, blogging goes a long way and there is no upper tab on the earnings.

Real Job:

Fixed Deposit: Real jobs are like fixed deposits. There is a fixed amount that you earn every month which isn’t prone to fluctuations as in the case of blogging.

Security: There is a security being covered under a company’s policy. You are eligible for health, monetary and other benefits as part of the company’s agenda.

 –Support: There is enough support extended by the company and your colleagues in your work. Everybody comes together and works for a common organization goal which makes easier availability of resources.

 –Ease: You can shut your mind post office hours and during holidays and fully concentrate on fun which isn’t fully possible during blogging because your mind will keep on thinking and ideating possible posts for your blog.

 Depending upon the zeal and the personal circumstances and support, choose wisely between both the options. I would suggest, build your blog while working and take it to a level where concentrating full time will yield 3 times the result. If blogging is your passion, go for it and make your dream come true!

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