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India and Its Passion for Jewelry

India has been famous since time immemorial as a country that is rich in gold. This yellow precious metal has always been dear to the Indians who are perhaps the largest buyers of gold even today. Indians are also famous all over the world for their marvelous tastes in jewelry. Every Indian wedding becomes a celebration of jewellery and ornaments. The bride, draped in a gorgeous sari, is adorned with jewellery of all types from head to toe.

Make the Bride a Super Bride

Bridal collections of jewellery are launched every marriage season by famous jewellery designers and brands in the county and are received with warm enthusiasm even though the prices of gold have seen an unprecedented growth during the past few years. Lovely clothes and loads of fantastic jewellery substantially enhance the beauty of the bride and make her appear even more beautiful on her wedding day.

Become the Center of Attraction

Indian jewellery is famous for its use of colourful precious stones. These stones are very artistically used and lend an altogether new look to the ornaments. Various designs are used to create an authentic look, which will certainly catch the attention of the onlooker. The basic idea behind creating a jewellery design is to create something that becomes the center of attraction.

Kundan Jewellery-Cornucopia of Colours

Kundan jewellery is quite popular these days and is available in a variety of forms such as earrings, bracelets, and even in simple designs. Rajasthani artists are experts in this type of jewellery. Kundan jewellery produces a profusion of colours and also is a fine example of the craftsmanship of the artists who create it and the amount of dedication they put in to their work.

Meenakari-Feel Like a Royal Princess

Besides Kundan jewellery, there are various other forms of jewellery that are in high demand these days. Jeweleries of enamel which include items like polkis and Meenakari have always remained in fashion and are still hot. Both these type of jeweleries are by-products of Mughal and Rajput courts. This wedding season, both of these are going to add grace and elegance to the overall beauty of the brides. These are light and are extremely colourful, which enhances their overall beauty and the beauty of the wearer of these magnificently elaborate ornaments. All the leading showrooms in any town of significance offer a wide range of this type of jewellery to cater to all types of budgets. If you like to have something elaborate and colourful, this type of jewellery could just be the thing for you.

Pearls-Cool is the New Hot

Another type of jewellery that is making waves now is pearl jewellery. The soft cool gleam of pearls has always mesmerized the onlookers. The radiance of these pearls magnifies when they are adorned by a lovely bride. For this reason, pearls are again in high demand. Jewellery made using white pearls looks simply irresistible. It looks simple yet artistic and lends a classy look to the overall appearance of the bride. A variety of collections of pearl jewellery are available in the market and you can select the one that suits your style. Crystals, beads, and a variety of other semi-precious stones are also used in this type of jewellery. The bride will surely look supremely beautiful when she wears pearl jewellery on her special day.

The above are the latest fads for the Indian Bridal Jewelry. Go stun your day with either of these glam looks and make it a lifetime memory.

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