Guide: How to wear colored jeans!

colored jeans

We all know what to wear with our jeans but co-ordinating colored jeans can be quite tricky. We see a lot of fashion faux pas walking on the road or to a party and the first thing that walks out of her heart is…eeks, Could she have done better? Why is she looking like a Christmas tree? Why is she wearing such a bold print with red colored jeans? And so on… Since we do not want to fall in the same line, here are some tips on How to wear colored jeans for women to make the overall look balanced and lively and totally pleasing to all the on-lookers.

How to wear colored jeans ?

  • Pair it with neutrals. It is always safe and nice to pair colored jeans with neutral colored tops. Who wants to look like a concoction of two candies? Certainly not me! Pair a red denim with a fawn top or a green one with cream. Neutrals give a pleasing top to bottom look and the colored jeans get their due highlight.
  • Keep the accessories at bay. Either opt for a bold earring or a bold neck piece or a bold bangle. Do not do it all. Let one bold piece accentuate the colored denim look.
  • Compliment the bag and the shoes. Wear the same family color in shoes and bags and pick a complimenting color to the jeans. It may be bold but it should compliment like orange and blue, red and gold. Check out Types of high heels here.
  • Go scanty on makeup. Do not, do not, do not wear red eyeshadow with red denims. Contrast with a gold or cream eyeshadow and a light lipstick. Do not become a red top to toe. Similarly, pair a blue denim with silver eye makeup and so on.

Colored denims are quite a trend and look really cool for outings or friday dressing. Just ensure you do not go on the top and keep the look chic and subtle at the same time. Have fun flaunting your colored denim jeans next time with these tips. Don’t miss out on How to Look thinner in Jeans

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