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I continue to enjoy my Oriflame The One Range products. Special love goes to the One Eyeliner Stylo, a felt tip eyeliner that delivers a strong dark line without smudging or breaking. It’s fun creating winged and bold lines when the product is easy to apply. Half the work is already done.

Keeping in love with eye pencils in myriad of colors, I have a double treat for all of you in this Giveaway. Though you get 4 eye pencils but you get 7 shades. How? Because I am giving away 3 Very Me Double Trouble Eye Pencils and The One High Impact Eye Pencil in Onyx Black. If you have read my Very Me Double Trouble Electric Purple Review, then you would know that these pencils are 2 in 1. There are 2 shades in one pencil.

You can check the review here: Very Me Double Trouble Electric Purple Review




 blog giveaway


What’s Inside The Hamper?

So you get 3 Very Me Double Trouble Eye pencils X 3 shades + The One Eye Pencil in Black= 7 shades

Pretty Excited!

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  1. Answer the following question in the comments below:                                                                                                                                                               Eye’s are a window to a woman’s soul. How do you make them attractive?
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The Giveaway opens today and closes on 15th February’16. Open to Indian residents, the winners will be announced here on 16th February. Keep watching this space.

P.S: There is a Zoeva Makeup Brush Giveaway getting live on the blog too. I’m giving away makeup brushes worth Rs 5800/-. Do check that out soon. It is going to be a treat for all of you now onwards. Keep checking the site for new Giveaways and fabulous beauty articles.



Winners Below: 

1. Saminder Saluja
2. Kanika Khanna
3. Archana
4. Sarita
5. Deborah Miranda
  1. We can make them attractive by using these eyr pencils , super gorgeous and elegant eyes just with a touch and super affordable too

  2. To make Eyes attractive, make sure you keep them bold with Kohl. Keep it simple with mild stroke to avoid smudge and end up looking cocoon eyes.

  3. Hey Tanya

    Amazing giveaway babe!!

    First of all I want to applaud your choice of products. Hats off lady!! You are a true stylista. What amazing colors!! I am already drooling over your ecstatic eye makeup pencils giveaway.

    Eyes define your personality and they reflect what kind of a person you are. Every girl has a different way of defining her eyes and making them look attractive. Some are just kohl eyes kind of girls whereas some are the winged eyeliner kind. But my way to make my eyes look attractive is:
    1) Eye Primer/ Concealer/ Foundation for base (To hide those dark circles and give a flawless base.)
    2) Nude eye shadow (They just make the eyes look classy.)
    3) Colored eye liner pencils on the upper eyelid to make them pop in different style each time (As they are far better than the liquid ones and easier to use. My favorites.)
    4) Loads of brown/ transparent Mascara (Only on the upper lashes. It just makes the eyes look so alive and sexy.)
    5) Kajal or colored liner pencils on the lower eye lid to complete the look (It completes the eye makeup and defines them properly.)

    So, that’s my way of making my eyes look attractive. I so badly want to win this giveaway as I am in love with this awesome eye makeup pencils giveaway. Hope to win this time!!! It would be a dream come true and a great addition to my vanity.

    Again thank you Tanya for putting so much thought while choosing the products. Hats off girl!!

  4. We can make our eyes attractive by applying bold lines with very me double trouble eye pencils which are smudge proof and can be applied in a single glide..

  5. I try and keep them looking fresh by getting sufficient sleep and not straining them too much with television or computer, tablet or other electronic gadgets. Most importantly, I use a good quality eye liner to make them look sharp and attractive.No eye shadow, just a simple and smart eye liner does the trick

  6. Shades of the world we see is something that is created by what the world has to offer…
    With the eye pencils I surely can make the world see the shades of wonder differently..
    Dressing up the eyes truly highlights the spark I wish to carry in my attitude…my confidence. It completely rejuvenates my look.

    Now for the how…

    Take the eye pencil apply a thick line above…gently with a tip of the ring finger spread it upwards like smudging it gently. Next take the The One Stylo and make a strong impression. Take a little eye glittee (safe ones) gently tap over the eyes. Now to finish it…not forget the application of eye pencil on the inner eye… The One Mascara and highlight the eyeshadows to give it a wholesome look…finally, take a small really tiny star sticker or bindi and apply close to the end of the eye.

  7. Hey Tanya,

    Thanks 4 the bful giveaway especially for a girl like me who has little eyelashes, she needs some extra attention to be devoted to her eyes to reflect the beautiful me with some drama & bling (when reqd.)

    In every day use, i make my eyes look bful by following 3 steps –

    – Applying kajal in repetitive short strokes to impart more color 🙂
    – Applying a bit of powder along lower lash lines to prevent it from spreading or fading or smudging.
    – Lastly, plumping up my lashes by applying two coats of Mascara to give a lovely bright active look :*

  8. Perfectly said eyes are window to a woman’s soul they are the one that represents her beauty aand attitude at first impression
    Now there are so much to make them beautiful but the selection of best suited is important
    For me best ways to enhance eyes is 3EM
    A smooth Eye liner thick or thin as per outfit
    Contrasting shade of Eye a shadow
    a sleek clear stroke of Eye pencil
    And some Mascara to enhance my lashes and here you superb beautiful eyes and an amazing you

  9. Hi Tanya,
    Eyes are windows through anybody’s soul and I completely agrees on it. I would like to make them more beautiful by using these Very Me Eye pencils by oriflame because oriflame is already one of my favorite brand and I would really love to try them

  10. My experience i can make my eyes attractive by using kohl and eye pensil. Eyes speaks alot this is a truth and to speak it more loud eye pencils and eye makeup plays a very important role. I personally love smokey eye look alot. It looks hot and sensuous at the same time.

  11. We can keep our eyes looking attractive by lining the upper and lower eyelids with an eye liner, Kohl kajal. You can also add Mascara to add the oomph factor.
    Thanks XOXO

  12. Hi Tanya,eyes are the main focus part of the face,it speaks a lot about your personality. So good kajol,a mascara,a eye liner and a eye shadow can be used according to different situations.

  13. Firstly thanks for the lovely giveaway..as i love makeup nd my eyes too..I love to win it..
    Eyes speak thousand of words that we can’t speak..thats why eyes are the soul of a girl..
    1) simple kajal (maybeline calossal kajal) makes eyes to express the happiness of heart.
    2) first we should do a base makeup..by foundation (maybeline fit me) , smugge it gentle with ring finger and then use shimmer (nude colours) that nude plates from maybeline, to add glam to eyes and the maybeline eyeliner for making eyes attractive.It is time to use mascara it must be used in a specific way we should move mascara towards the nose.last but not the least eye brow pencil.. eye brow pencil must be of the lighter shade than your eyebrow colour ..I use brown to give them the required shape nd use white pencil below and above the eyebrow for the pefect shape.
    Thats all I do for the attractve eyes ????????
    3) smokey eyes are also in now a days.. for this first I make a base as I do it above and then use dark eye shadow thats black. And smurgge it gently . Than take silver eye shadow from the platter and use it gently..
    Add eyeliner to give it perfection ..I personally prefer black smoky cat eyes.
    Use eyebrow pencil for the final look.. thats all we will get smoky eyes.
    4) We can use different colours of eye shadows and eyeliner for different looks as required..
    5) Eyes are the wonderful gift of the god these are ways to make them gorgeous but for these healthy skin is required
    For healthy skin daily night care and day care skin routine nust be followed
    For this we should drink lots of water ..usually. 7-8 glass of water and lots of green vegetables and fruits..
    6) We must use vaseline for long eyelashes by applying it gently before going to sleep..
    7) Even eyes massage is also very relaxing and cucumber are evergreen..it provides freshness nd coolness to eyes..
    8) Different types of fruits are very healthy for skin..we can use anything..
    Thats all I do for the beautiful eyes..nd anyone can try this nd they will get best results. ..
    Agn thanks for the lovely giveaway ❤ Its pleasure to be a part of the giveaway ❤
    Hope I will win this giveaway ❤
    #superwishtowin ???? Lots of love and best wishes ???? Keep flourishing and keep shining like a star ????

  14. Thanks a lot Ma’m for giving us this platform where I can share my personal experiences. Love to be part of this giveaway.
    Hope you notice me & wish I get lucky with you

    Eyes are the most beautiful and attractive part of our face.It defines beauty, emotions and love.

    To achieve this look I don’t have to use fake eyelashes or circle lenses. I Just follow these simple step-by-step makeup procedure and I am ready to flaunt that beautiful and bigger eyes.

    Step 1

    Apply some moisturizer around your eye area.

    Step 2

    The next step is to apply a creamy concealer.

    Step 3

    Dab some translucent powder over the top of your concealer.

    Step 4

    Now you gonna apply your eyeshadow and eyeliner to line the eyelid

    Step 5

    Finally, the next step is to apply mascara to make our eyes look bigger

    Step 6

    Smile, you are finally ready to reveal that beautiful and bigger eyes.

  15. Keep eyes healthy by washing them with cold water every six hours. Practice Anulom Vilom Praanaayaam for 30 minutes every day. Eat Amla ( Goose berry ) every day. Use “Very Me Double Trouble Eye Pencils and The One High Impact Eye Pencil in Onyx Black”

  16. I make my eyes sparkle by staying positive, happy, traveling and hiking. To enhance it, I regularly use an eye cream to avoid puffiness and bags, as well as kohl, bronze eye shadow with strokes of mascara are the fastest fix to get the eyes to impress…

    Thanks for this generous and lovely giveaway..

  17. Eye’s are a window to a woman’s soul… To make it appear and be naturally healthier and attractive eat veggies like spinach and carrot and try getting good amount of sleep. Finally apply your favorite kohl/liner to the eyes to make them speak 🙂

  18. I’m a mom of a new born baby, don’t have time for myself. But whenever I want to look beautiful apply only oriflame the one kajal on my eyes and that’s all. I look naturally beautiful..

  19. Hii dear…
    Thanks for the another awsm giveaway…
    m sunbscribed to u since long…
    id- anki.angel1238@gmail.com
    following u on all social media nd will try my best in sharing it..
    fb- ankita agarwal
    twitter- @princess_anshu
    instagram- ankita1238

    coming to ur ques…
    According to my luved ones, my eyes are the most beautiful part of my face.. so i take extra care of thm..
    My first rule is to never use any loose products on my eyes… i use only branded stuffs to keep my eyes safe from armful chemicals…
    To make them look attractive, i use kajal.. my fav is oriflame kajal… i use that everyday to give my eyes a bold effect…
    Secondly i use mascara to gibe a dramatic look to my eye lashes…
    Thirdly for any ocassions, i use eye shadow depending on the function nd time.. to give a neautral or smokey look…
    Other than this i use eye liner… my fav is colossal liner.. which is easy in applying and is smudge free today.. Just one stroke of it is enough to make my eyes look attractive…:)

    Thanks for the chance to win dis superb hamper.. wish to win…:)

  20. Eyes expresses a lot . A persons emotions her identity so eye make up is very imp . Depending upon the mood and occasion one can enhance eye make up .day time with kohl pencil . And in evenings with stylo and double trouble pencils one can give life to eyes . Thk u .

  21. Eyes r important prt of ur face..according to me every one have a beautiful eyes..but makeup make it more beautiful and this colourful pencils make it more and more beautiful. ..

  22. Hi Tanya,

    Thanks for this Amazing Giveaway!!
    Truly said “Eye’s are a window to a Woman’s Soul” i completely agree with this.
    Pretty eyes make women look beautiful & attractive.
    To make my eyes look more attractive firstly I make sure to get a good night’s sleep to minimize dark circles and puffiness. I use cucumber juice to remove under eye dark circles also it make my eyes look beautiful.
    I use this normal 15 minutes makeup to make look my eyes beautiful & Attractive:-

    1. Apply BB Cream
    2. Apply Eyeliner
    3. Apply Eyeshadow
    4. Apply Kajal
    5. Apply Mascara

    So this is my way of making my eyes look attractive & beautiful.
    Biggest wish to win this awesome giveaway…have fallen in love with these Eye Pencils <3
    Thanks & Lots of Best Wishes 🙂

  23. Eyes are the refection of the soul…so firstly I keep my soul pure by ridding myself of all negative thoughts and leaving tings to Karma. To add to my physical beauty I only use a dark black Kajal to line my eyes

  24. I took my tips from Rekha.
    SO I like Over the Top eye make-up – white liner on the lower lid on the inner crease , dark black kohl on the outer cease , heavy black eye-liner on the upper lid & finish it off with a set of falsies (eye lashes )

  25. I make my eyes look more beautiful by following simple yet effective tricks:

    Trick 1 :- Following healthy routine
    – Getting 8 hours of sleep every night.
    – Beautiful eyes rely on hydration, drinks 8 glass of water everyday.
    – Reducing eye strain. Avoiding smartphone, reading while traveling as much as possible
    – Eating balanced diet
    – Wearing sunglasses while traveling

    Trick 2 :- Using beauty remedies
    – Placing cucumber slices on my eyes.
    – Using herbal remedies like rosewater, mint leaves to remove puffiness (if any)

    Trick 3 :- Healthy make Up
    – Dabbing concealer underneath eyes to hide dark circles (if any)
    – Applying eye liner & eye shadow to complement the dress up.
    – Giving proper shape to eyebrow which highlights the eyes ^_^
    – Using eyelash curler to make them appear longer
    – Thicken eyelashes with mascara

    Magic way to keep grabbing others eyeballs in awe n praise…reflect the stunning eyes that impresses everyone at the very first meet 🙂

  26. Yup!! Eyes are the windows to soul. We can make them attractive in many ways. A simple black eyeliner, colored liner, masscarra etc are different tools available to make our eyes captivating.

  27. I try not to be stressed. As my fiance tells me that I have beautiful eyes I don’t always use make up on my eyes. Mostly I only opt for a swipe of eye-liner or kohl & I am done.

  28. By applying kajal, Winged Liner and Mascara and not to forget eyeshadow matching with my outfit! More important by staying happy as it makes your eyes Sparkle. ✨

  29. Awesome Giveaway.. Thank you..My eyes are my most precious asset and believe it reflects my inner soul..i make them look pretty by taking good care of them, ensure i wear my Rayban Polaroid sunglasses when out in the sun..and occasionally pamper them with cucumbers or a cooling mask..naturally if they are taken care of they look beautiful and of course my makeup essentials are focused on beautifying my eyes even more. A dark Kajal and perfectly matching eyeshadow.. a perfect liner, black or coloured, depending on the mood ????..and loads of mascara…just makes me look and feel sooo pretty.. perfect!

  30. We can make our eyes attractive by applying bold lines with very me double trouble eye pencils which are smudge proof and can be applied in a single glide..

  31. We can make our eyes attractive by applying bold lines with very me double trouble eye pencils which are smudge proof and can be applied in a single glide..

  32. Hello Tanya awesome giveaways eyes are a very important feature of the face.eye pencils give the eyes a difned and dignified look.They make eyes look bold and attractive.colour pencils add style and personna to times and moods of the wearer,thus enhancing the beauty of the eyes and its wearer soully.

  33. HEY Tanya! THANKS for conducting such a wonderful giveaway for us????I really am so so excited for this giveaway.I have started with college last year and now I am free to play with my eye looks ???? usually I use eyeliner or kajal to make my eyes attractive ???? especiall to define them and look fresh and awake???? and for so long I wanted to get coloured eyeliners but never got a chance to so, But thanks to you for such an amazing giveaway .I really love these eye color pencil shades .Also Subscribed to Letsexpresso????Thanks for sharing your blog will be followed by me ????.Fingers crossed I am so damn excited for this giveaway ????????

  34. Perfectly said eyes are window to a woman’s soul they are the one that represents her beauty aand attitude at first impression
    Now there are so much to make them beautiful but the selection of best suited is important
    For me best ways to enhance eyes is 3EM
    A smooth Eye liner thick or thin as per outfit
    Contrasting shade of Eye a shadow
    a sleek clear stroke of Eye pencil
    And some Mascara to enhance my lashes and here you superb beautiful eyes and an amazing you

  35. I make my eyes beautiful by applying kajal and using eyeliner!!
    I keep my eyes fresh and puff-free by sleeping properly and maintaining a good diet!
    I would love to win the giveaway!!

  36. Eye’s are a window to a woman’s soul. How do you make them attractive?

    Eyes they tell everything..they can’t hide feelings..
    I take care of my eyes…to keep them attractive..
    I make sure to wash the make off my eyes before going to bed
    I do couple of eye exercises to relax my eye muscles..they do get tired..”
    I make sure to get my eyes checked up once in a while

  37. Attractive and long eyelashes are like a dream for every woman, as these make their eyes look bigger and inviting.
    Eye liner adds beauty to our eyes.
    Colored liner mixed with little stroke of black liner as per the outfit looks gorgeous.
    Kajal is the queen of our eyes.
    And last but not the least, Mascara, it enhances the beauty of eyes. Applying mascara to the curled lashes looks perfect and more defining.

  38. Hi Tanya! Thanks for this amazing giveaway . 🙂
    Woman’s eyes speak for themselves and I believe this to be true. Eyes play an important role in defining one’s personality so it’s important to match up your eye makeup with it.

    I will make them attractive by creating the classic smoky eye look by blending in nude shades with black, working outwards and upwards. Start by applying a light shimmery nude shade till the mid-section of lids, and then blend in black across the length of your eye lids, keeping it darker and intense towards the edge of your lids. Cover crease with darker browns to give a shadow effect. Slightly blend in some black and brown shade across lower lash line.

    Wish to be lucky 🙂

  39. I do take care of my eyes a lot. As you rightly said eyes are windows to woman.soul

    I wash them daily as soon as I woke up in morning
    Never sleep with eye make up

    I never compromise with the Ye make up brands .. speifically fo for herbal or very exclusive brands for it

    Eyeliner is my daily routine.. can’t go out without it. Fromally I wear simple liner

    In parties . I give it a little shimmery look n also add mascara to give my eyes flaunting n bold look ..

    Wish to win the awesome oriflame pencils as I am great fan of oriflame ..

    Regularly buy something or the other from the brand but never get hold of these pencils ..

  40. I truly believe in the saying that – “The face is the mirror of the mind, and eyes without speaking confess the secrets of the heart.”

    To make them look beautiful and attractive. I follow the simple method as passed on by mom to me :

    – Go for an eye check-up every 6 months.
    – Eat healthy balanced diet to have clear vision in long run
    – Wash eyes by splashing water, taking a break from rigorous work on monitor
    – Apply kajal to have a cheerful appearance which reflect big bright eyes with a lovely smile 🙂
    – Provide relaxation to them every Sunday noon, taking a short nap keeping cucumber slices on eyelids 🙂

    Magic mantra has helped me to look radiant and express myself easily with a single flutter 😉

  41. i like to highlight my eyes with interesting eyeshadow, metallic or glitter accents, striking eyeliner and unusual colors of mascara!

  42. First of all thank u so much for giving me such a wonderful opportunity of winning these awesome oriflame eyepencils.. I cant tell u when I saw this giveaway it made me soo excited. . Thanks again..

    Answer :
    Its true that eyes are the Windows to a women’s soul.. but what matters the most is the soul of that lady. Her eyes might not be that beautiful but her soul indeed is & that will automatically make her eyes attractive♥♥ Sometimes Simplicity is enough to make those eyes look attractive… and that can be achieved with a single stroke of kohl.. u dont need to put much eye makeup to make it attractive. . If ur soul is beautiful.. your eyes instantly shines ♥♥♥

  43. Hello Tanya , thank you soo much organizing this amazing giveaway.

    There’s nothing more aspirational in the beauty world than getting the right eye makeup. A girl who gets her eye makeup right has actually got her life in place . No one wants to look boring on a date night and eyes are the first thing a guy notices while talking to a girl. The key is to keeping it dramatic yet simple. Apply a light brown eye shadow around the outer corners of your eye and blend towards the brow bone and lower lashes to soften the border. Dust on a shimmery champagne eye shadow on the centre of your lids and build the color to the edge of the crease. Line the upper and lower lash line with a dark black eye liner and smudge it a little with your finger . To add volume to your lashes, use a mascara and apply it on your upper lashes.

    SIMAR 🙂

  44. Fistly thank you very much for such an qmazing giveaway for us 🙂 ☆ and also thanks to Mansi Mohapatra who introduced me to your blog . I agree with the fact that eyes are a window to a womens soul !! Even eyes can express more than our mouth ! I don’t own much stuff for eyes even I have just the kajal to define my eyes 🙂 I WISH TO BE ONE Of THE LUCKY one to win these eye makeup pencils by Oriflame !! ♥ love and regards

  45. Hey Tanya,,,Thanks for this lovely giveaway.My answer to the question would be:
    Eyes…Eyes are definitely one of the most defining feature and a proper makeup of this feature will not only make a girl look gorgeous but will surely turn the heads around.make your eyes more “talk” with make-up is tricky
    Define the eyes with Eyeliner, dark colored Kohl, Mascara & a good color eyeshadow that suits one’s complexion.
    Rest we should not put alot of stress to our eyes while just staring at monitor screens or mobiles…Keep good care of eyes with daily washing them after entire day;s tasks & while going to bed…I don this daily & also use rosewater & have a healthy diet.

  46. Hi
    Thanks for awesome chance.
    Eye’s are a window to a woman’s soul so truly said.Eyes are one of the most appealng features on woman;s face .I make sure i use proper under eye cream at night ad massage olive oil before going to bed.
    I drink water and frsh juices to keep myself hydrated.
    Now i use kohl pencil to define my eyes and when going out i use shimmer pencils and eyeshadow.
    For me less is more

  47. Hai tanya,
    Just checked out your blog and it is wonderful!! I loved going through the posts, and yes I loved the way you have given importance to improving one’s personality and discipline too(evident from your posts!!) apart from makeup!!
    And yes, regarding the window to our souls, “EYES”, first and formost I would like to say that we need to remain stressfree and calm in this busy world which does the biggest impact on improving our skin..Yes, I am talking this based on my personal experience too..I had problems of puffy eyes, and fine lines around my eyes, which I have tamed to a certain extend now by remaining calm and happy all the while!! Also, i would highly recommend to have control over our gadgets like smartphones, laptops and ipads and use them only when necessary/controlled amount of time..With these 2 factors set to highest priority I would also like to give the following tips:
    1. Never ever skip applying your eye cream/olive oil at night..It helps in retaining moisture around the thin skin around our eyes, and also help in fighting dark circles.
    2. Always wear a concealer when going out, especially if you are lining your waterline!!
    3. Eye makeup should be completed with 1-2 coats of mascara to enhance its look..
    4. My favourite routine nowadays is to add a pop of colour to the eye by highlighting the ends of waterline with coloured kohls( which match our dress!!)…It definitely brightens up our eyes, and gives that “wow” look..

    SO, that’s it!! Hope to win this giveaway..I have subscribed to your blog too 

  48. Eyes are Mirror or women’s heart so its important to take good care of them Eat lots of Greenery and give rest to eyes during work too. To make them look beautiful I use Kajal Daily And line it really thin to make it more natural.:-)

  49. Hi All,

    The steps I follow to make my eyes attractive for different occasions are as follows:-


    1. After applying base and Compact powder
    2. Apply skin colour eye shadow to cover my dark cycles a bit.
    (I do not use concelear as i have tried many and they have resulted only in making the circles look darker)
    3. I use lakme absolute eye liner and draw a thin line till the end.
    4. I apply lakme absolute kaajal (not too thick)
    5. I apply lakme absolute macara, give a single stroke to lashes in a zig zag motion.

    For any Special Occasions (Ethnic):

    1. After applying base and Compact powder
    2. Apply skin color eye shadow to cover my dark cycles a bit.
    3. Apply eye shadow matching to me dress (usually shades of gold,copper and pink or neutral skin matte color)
    (I do not use concealer as i have tried many and they have resulted only in making the circles look darker)
    3. I use lakme absolute eye liner and draw a pretty medium line and give a winged effect at the end.
    4. I apply lakme absolute kaajal generously to the lower lid line.
    5. I apply lakme absolute kaajal to the upper inner lid too to give a bold look.
    6. I use teh lashes shaper and press it with lashes in between to give lashes a curved look
    7. I apply lakme absolute macara, give a single brush to lashes in a zig zag motion and will allow it to dry for few seconds
    8. Then i apply loose compact powder over the lashes and again apply the mascara to give the lashes a full volume look.
    9. The i use eyebrow pencil and give very lite strokes over my brow.

    Absolutely no time and need a quick tip:

    1.I just pull out my kaajal stick and just drat the wings alone at the end of the upper lid. This is trick is really quick and handy for a quick eye makeup.
    2. Then I rub Vaseline on finger tips , and pull over the finger tip over the lashes for a quick fix for lashes.
    Taadaa Thats It 🙂

    Silva Jakulin

  50. We can make eyes attractive by using what the nature has provided us with i.e cosmetics like kajal, eyeliners and also by protecting them from harmful rays using sunglasses.Mica based eye shadows should not be used and also replacing all the eye beauty products periodically is essential for eye health.Paint brushes designed for the eyes to create magical looks can be used and a primer must be used for a long lasting look.Cooling gels can be used on the eyes for relaxing & fresh feeling.

  51. Eyes can speak out all the emotions human keeps hidden in heart. Eye contact becomes most important whenever we meet new people.

    To make this most important feature of beauty a decorative one I simply use Pencil Eye liner and nude eye shadow and maskara. With help of pencil eye liner I give different strikes and make them attractive. Trust me if you get whole world’s make up on you but remove eye makeup, all will be wasted.

  52. Hi Tanya….. I’m following your blog from long ago… n this such a pretty giveaway.. I love eye liners n you’re giving away so many of them.. I don’t think we should have to do a lot of effort make them pretty.. Eyes speak more than words n I truly believe it.. Just a stroke of kajal or eye liner can make huge change in our appearance..

  53. Wow! Superb giveaway. Well, I believe. Window to a woman’s soul. Already made connection of goal. With these combo of eye pencils. Kajal eye pencils also known as kohl, is one makeup essential we just can’t do without. For many of us it was become a necessity, we cannot step out of our houses without it. A single sweep of this wonder-product adds definition to your eyes and in minutes, your eyes look bigger, brighter and more defined. That’s why window to a woman’s soul all around the world. Eye pencils of different styles. because a sweep of it can leave with eye-catching peepers that speak volumes. Applying eye pencils in styles that are different is a versatile idea. This is because, many colour that usually suits every eyes. Especially for the Indian complexion, there is nothing more attractive than black kohl. That is why, applying eye pencils in styles that varied always work for Indian women. However, it keep using only eye pencils for eye makeup and look may become a little monotonous and attractive….!! 🙂

    Also subscribed by annuairhostes@yahoo.com

    Thank you!

  54. Eyes are the window of a woman’s soul. A pure soul has the most sparkling eyes. Looking into the beautiful eyes can actually give an insight into the person’s heart.
    The best assest of my face are my eyes. The twinkle in my eyes is what makes me look beautiful????
    I love to doll my eyes for the glam look.
    To make my eyes look attractive:
    1) i sleep for 8 hr every night. Gives me healthy and fresh looking eyes.
    2) Perform Yoga daily to give a bright glistening look to my eyes.
    3) Keep my thoughts and heart pure, which definitely reflects in my eyes

    Every girl needs some makeup to enhance her beauty. So to make my eyes attractive :
    1) Apply primer on the eyes to make the area soft and oil free
    2) Apply Compressed power to dry the area
    3) Apply eyeshadow of soft colours bcz i like to keep the eyes look natural
    4) I love wearing eyeliner.. Be it black or any coloured liner. Gel or eyeliner pencil
    5) Sparkles are the lifeline of my eyes so i love wearing double eyeliner with a glitter eyeliner over the regular one.
    6) Apply kohl on my waterline. Sometimes i even tightline my eyes. With a smudger. I smudge the kohl to give a smoky look.
    7) To add up all the drama to my eyes,apply mascara for those fluttery lashes
    8) I use a highlighter or a white pencil to highlight the inner corner of my eyes and the brows
    9) fill the gaps in my brows with a Brow pencil
    And Tada… My eyes are perfect ????????

  55. Hi Tanya mam…Thanks for the giveaway and also a big thanks becoz u alwaz take care of ur readers…
    AMSWER – I ll make them attractive by using a COLOURED KAJAL becoz eyes never give a complete look unless u put kajal… secondly ill use a VOLUME BASED MASCARA only dese two can make ur eyes give that deep look…these winged liners look good but they give a heavy look to eyes and the twinkling glimmer of our eyes gets hidden behind that heavy makeup…so i prefer just a tinge of makeup wil alwaz make eyes more beautiful…

  56. While majority of people will say, it’s their eye care regime, mascara, eye shadow and so on. I being a fan of minimal makeup, my answer would normally be “it’s a process of discovery… there is no magic pill.” And yet, I have found a practice that seems to be as close to a pill as you can get: “an outline of kohl and a confident eye contact.”

    My mom used to tell me, “your eyes are the window to your soul.” No wonder I have always struggled with making eye contact. Give away free access to my soul? I would rather give a talk to an audience of 1000 than make 15 seconds of eye contact with just one of them. Try staring into someone’s eyes for an uninterrupted 15 seconds and you’ll see what I mean.

    And yet… and yet, in those seconds of eye contact, it seems like everything else stands still, and all you can feel is that scary, intense, slightly awkward moment of connection that goes straight to the heart. You know what I am talking about.

    I make deep eye contact with the people I pass on the street, in the subway, in the elevator. The results? I feel the vibrancy of my heart all day long. With each one, I felt my heart clearly, radiantly. Not distinct feelings, per se, but just this intense feeling of feeling. Not to mention that I have met a ton of new people. Eyes indeed are window to soul cause after eye contact all they will remember is your deep eyes :).

    I dare you: make long, lingering eye contact with someone in your life today and spiced it up with dark outline of kohl. How does it feel?
    Beautiful ?? Isn’t it? 🙂

  57. I m a working lady and have no sufficient time for myself. So when I get bored with my luk and want some thing change about my luk then there is only and only one thing that helps me to luk like the most beautiful lady of the world and that is nothing other than ORIFLAME KAJAL..:-)

  58. To make our eyes beautiful apply kohl by oroflame
    Eye liner
    N keep it simple…
    Coz beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder….????????????????????

  59. Woman’s eyes are window to her soul abd we can make them more attractive by balanced diet and wearing sunglasses in harmful sunrays and offcourse by these oriflame make up kit .

  60. Hi
    I think the basic idea behind the shining n sparkling eyes would start internally I.e.within the body .like drinking plenty of water ,fresh fruit n vegetable juice should be included in ur daily diet,adequate amount of vitamins intake ,proper sleep ,use of sunglasses last but not the least relaxation through yoga or meditation would help too.
    The other way to get beautiful eyes would be by beautifying them by applying cosmetic,starting from concealing to eye-shadow to glitters n gold ,broad eyeliners giving them a bold look ,curling of eyelashes n mascara .this list is never ending .It all depends on u how one wants .

  61. Eyes are one of the most appealing feature of one’s face. If highlighted appropriately whether by using a stroke of the right kajal, eyeliner or mascara, can keep one’s attention glued.

  62. Eye’s are a window to a woman’s soul. Its a very true saying as bright, beautiful and healthy eyes can reflect the inner wellness of a women’s personality. We can keep our eyes attractive by washing it with cool water atleast twice a day, in the morning and before going to bed at night. This instantly removes any dirt and grime which collects in our eyes. Munching 5-6 almonds every morning on an empty stomach keeps our eyes healthy. Placing cool and used green tea bags over the eyelids for 10-15 mins. a day can reduce puffiness of eyes and keep us away from wrinkles. Similarly, placing cucumber and potato slices on the eyelids removes dark circles and acts as a natural moisturiser for them. It is also very necessary to remove any eye make up before we go to bed with a waterproof eye makeup remover properly. If we all ensure these steps everyday then, we all can keep our eyes attractive for the rest of our life.

  63. I just love kajal as it makes my eyes instantly attractive, also these days i am really fond of winged eyeliner as it really makes your eyes pop out from rest making them look super attractive without much need of using anything else

  64. Eyes are a window to a woman’s soul.! Yes definitely! As u decorate a simle thing..It looks great then..Similarly we need eye liners to decorate our eyes! And as it is said..” Eye contact is way more intimidate than physical contact” So, It leads directly to a woman’s soul.!

  65. first impression is the last impression so to attract some one with the help of eyes is easy way with the help of your product collection and its helpful to look pretty lady to look more pretty

  66. Dab concealer underneath your eyes. Concealer is a base foundation that can offset the color of a dark circle under your eye. Choose a color of concealer that has opposite tones of color from the tones that are in your dark circles. For example, if your dark circles have yellow tones, use a concealer with a purple tone. This will help neutralize the dark color under your eyes

  67. Eyes are the beauty of women’s . To make eye beautiful gave them slightly make-up.Apply mascara, eye shadow ,eyeliner and kajal.your eyes look attractive and glossy.

  68. A Kajal is a must for everyday look. it makes us feel fresh and charming as ever. we can opt for eyeshadows, glitters and eyeliners too. but for a daily purpose, a kajal is all we need. a picture with kajal and a picture without kajal says it all. it makes every girl look attractive. 🙂

    A kajal a day, leaves dullness away 🙂

  69. Eye’s represent you. You can tell your intention through your eyes. Your eyes can instantly tell about your sorrows and joys. There are 2 things I do to make my eyes attractive:
    1. Natural way: Drink loss of water. Apply ice packs and cucumber on the eye to moist them, decrease dark circles and keep them healthy.
    2. Use of colourful eye pencils to make them very attractive. Creating a normal or a winged eye liner look.

    I keep rest of the face bare and only let me attractive eye talk.

  70. EYES a window to one’s soul..eyes have a lamguage of their own and they the most and thus its svery important to retain their beauty and charm…..a natural beauty is the best ….let ur eye be as natural as they can be….I usually prefer to apply a thin or even thick (it depends on occasion actually) eyeliner wid lots of mascara bcoz it helps ur eyes to look openede and bigger. ……by the way I am in love wid ur kurta series. ….hope to win this giveaway….great fan of colours

  71. Definatly eyes r windows to women’s soul.. It s thru them that a women expresses her love, affection, anger, compassion.. Thy hve to be more attractive to express her strong opinion.. Primary things fr making them attractive r green vegetables, glass of carrot juice, a spoonful of amla juice daily , lots of water, and daily exercises in mrng n eye exercise in between ur work , in the night aplly bit of olive oil on eye lids. N secondary things that will be a boon to primary r bit of light shimmer shadow on d centre of lid.. Whitsh shadow on brow bone, dark sumge free kohl like oriflame one n coloured liner matching ur outfit n u r good to go ! M soo much excited fr this giveaway.. I really wanna win this ! I hope I get lucky this time..

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