Giveaway: 4 Lakme Style kits with CC cream and other goodies

Lakme CC Cream

Hey girls

Monsoon is washing us away and I am totally enjoying the green city and dripping trees. This is a tricky time of the year when the skin responds crazy to the weather. To some it does wonders and to some it creates a havoc. So, this time the giveaway is around skin styling. And the fun part is that we’ll have 4 winners. Wow, so the lucky 4 of you will win the Lakme style kit with the all new CC cream and other interesting products.

Phase 1

How to win: Just answer this simple question- “How do you keep your skin stylish?”

Based on the contest entries, 4 winners will be sent the Styling Kit.

How to enter the giveaway:

Leave a comment below or visit the facebook page to leave in your entry. The contest opens today and will close on 30th July’13, so hurry. Open to Indian residents, the winners will be informed via email and will be declared on this page aswell. For any query, you can mail me at and I will respond at the earliest. The winners will get their hampers between 31st July and 5th August’13.

Phase 2:

Well, this is just phase 1, there is more to come and more to win. The winners will have to create looks with the Styling kit and send a photo album entry. Each winner has to send a before and after look of applying the products. This has to be a step wise “how the look was achieved photo album“. These individual photo albums have to be shared by 14th August and one lucky winner will be announced by 16th August who will get a chance to watch the Lakme Fashion week Winter Fest 2013. Not only that, the lucky winner will also get to meet a Lakme stylist and get featured in the Lakme studio of Style.

So girls hurry and spread the word. Participate and get lucky to see a whole new excitement at the fashion week and the fun at the Lakme studio of style.


*The winners for the Lakme CC contest Phase 1 are Saloni Goel, Palak Pal, Malvika Bali and Shalinee Jha. Many Many congratulations girls. The Lakme gift hampers are on their way. Keep a check at the door bell.  


  1. Hi, Thanks for this lovely giveaway.Monsoon is all about taking super care of your skin. Due to old age I have to further take good care of my skin. I keep my skin stylish by taking adequate care of it. Regularly follow cleaning , toning and moisturising routine in the morning. Apply sunscreen mixed with a good moisturiser to keep the skin soft and supple. I wash my face with tap water 3-4 times during the day without applying a face wash. At night, I thoroughly clean it with a face wash and follow it up with a moisturiser.On weekends, I apply homemade face packs and dab ice on the face. All this leads to a healthy stylish skin. Hope my answer will help other readers too. Thankyou.

  2. My skin stylish mantra is being herbal. Apply natural products and eat seasonal fruits and vegetables daily. Stick to a healthy diet and drink 4-5 litres of water everyday. Take broth during dinners and keep dinners light. Eat boiled vegetable and rub cucumber and tomato on the skin regularly. Do it for 2 weeks and see the skin magic for yourself. Stay healthy, Stay stylish with your skin.

  3. “How do you keep your skin stylish?”
    By just reading this question, the first thought that comes up in my mind is that My skin is stylish when it is healthy  Glowing, vibrant, smooth, soft, radiant – These are the traits which will define my stylish skin in a better way. Our skin is our largest accessory and If you want to have a beautiful luxury Skin then the skin care is one of very important step.
    A proper Skin regime which includes the following stages
    Exfoliate – Cleanse- Tone- Moisturize- Protect
    For me while talking about skin is not just my face but the whole body so this is how I keep my whole skin stylish. I wish if you get benefitted from it –
    Face – I follow the healthy routine and always apply a night cream before going to bed. Tend to not touch my face many times as it irritates the skin and harm the cells. To Get a makeup routine for face, I prefer quality products and yes .. Lakme is one of them !
    I am quite admiring the skin stylist which is Lakme CC as it is solving my beauty worries and proved to be an instant solution.
    Neck and Chest zone- To cure the Sun exposure and environmental effects, I apply the same care and products to this zone so that I don’t get discoloured and rough skin. For better results, use baby oils too.
    Hands & Arms-
    I keep my skin stylish that means healthy, by using an exfoliating body wash and body lotion. Believe me it saves me from uneven skin. Moisturizing and protecting the hands is my style mantra when it comes to styling the skin.
    Legs & Feet-
    A pedicure for foot is a must to save them from the effects of foot wears and to get a perfect skin which is smooth, regular moisturized is the key. I have a foot cream which I love to love my skin.
    I keep my skin stylish by taking care of my back and I use a good cleanser that saves me from acne and other problems. Regularly hydration is a must for me.
    So this is about my stylish skin which is a healthy skin
    I am in love Lakme CC cream now a days as it is Actually a proven CCC for me, How?
    I tell you – it’s a fit for 3C’s of stylish skin
    1- Clarity (Keeps Skin clear and blemishes free)
    2- Colour (keeps skin Even)
    3- Cut (keeps skin smooth and wrinkle free)

  4. Hey, After struggling with my net , finally here-

    I always use lakme for my skin styling. I start my day with Lakme clean up and ends with lakme body lotion. My skin get protection from Lakmé Sun Expert and Lakme youth infinity saves my stylish skin to stay there for forever.
    My office look will not be complete without lakme 9 to 5.

    I drink plenty of water and use lakme products for my skin stylizing so i can say that
    lakme is how i keep my skin stylish.
    I lakme lover

  5. i believe that no amount of make-up can make you look good if your skin isnt healthy and radiating from within. i keep my skin stylish by following certain simple but cardinal rules:
    1. drink loads of water and include fresh fruits in my diet for that inner glow
    2. follow cleanse-tone-moisturize routine religiously
    3. exfoliate once a week followed by fruit mask
    3. remove every trace of make-up before hitting the bed
    4. avoid heavy make-up to let the skin breathe (thats where the lakme CC cream comes in handy )
    5. try to have a good 8 hours of sleep and be stress free

  6. Hi,

    I keep my skin stylish by cleansing, exfoliating and moisturising every morning. After that I get ready for work by applying my favourite BB cream. I love blushers and they are my favourite these days to give myself a nice flushed look. I love flawless dewy skin and I like to layer a nice highlighter or luminizer on apple of my cheeks.
    Along with this, I drink a lot of water and eat healthy food including lots of fruits.


  7. When it comes to stylish skin I am very concerned.. I am a little overweight but that’s doesn’t mean I dont have a good skin.
    for me only healthy skin can be stylish..
    1. definitely I eat green vegetables a lot instead of extra piece of bread.
    2. daily I drink lemon and honey in Lukewarm water, it keeps my weight controlled and I felt energetic through out the day.
    3. for me exercise is a must, for a healthy skin
    4. then a bowl of soup of different vegetables in the breakfast is my routine
    5. I massage on my skin once every week with good oil to keep it stylish and smooth.
    6. I use aloe vera gel on my face,hands and legs to keep them soft.
    7. A proper sleep Is a must for me. atleast 8 hours a day to keep my skin bright.
    8. cleansing, toning and moisturising is everyone’s need but one should not limited to face.
    9. it is summer time, sun is on head. I apply sun block every 2 hours to protect my skin.
    10. clothes also play a major role. clothes which can cover a maximum area are always my preference when I am outside. A tan free skin always look healthy.
    11. even skin tone looks good I never forget about my other parts
    12. every month I need a facial treatment for a bright and glowy face.
    13. no person can deny the importance of cosmetics I an also a fan. cosmetics always make you look great even when you have some problem.
    14. pedicure and manicure makes my hands and legs beautiful.
    15. if my skin is healthy then I don’t need any cosmetics to make It stylish. but yes to make everyone’s eye on me I need some products too.


  8. Hello,
    My Skin Styling secret during Monsoon is regular cleansing, Toning and Moisturing for which I am using Lakme CC Cream.
    For Instant brightness I massage my face with mashed papaya mixed with honey .. Or I just apply fresh cream, kesar n honey mix..
    To remove blackheads, I first wash my face and take steam fter which I scrub my face n use blackhead remover…
    Name- Veena Vinyas..
    Mial id-

  9. I believe in getting adequate sleep and rejuvenating myself by drinking adequate water to keep my skin fresh.I believe in using an organic skin products to keep my skin stylish

  10. Hi Tanya,
    I keep my skin stylish in two ways.
    I take good care of it internally and externally.

    Internally, I drink loads of water(atleast 8glasses). I can live on fruits and veggies. I avoid oily food and junk. This keeps my skin glowing.

    Externally, I do not torture my skin by applying too many products. I keep my makeup minimal. I use loofa whilst shower which works as an exfoliator and takes away the dead skin.
    I use one base (a bb cream or a mousse foundation),kajal, mascara,lipstick.
    I will make sure that kajal and mascara are waterproof.
    I wear a bright matte lipstick which completes my routine.

    This is a cool contest 🙂
    My Email id :
    Liked your facebook page with the name: Apoorva GetSetBlush
    I am following you via twitter @Get_SetBlush
    Added you on google circles with the name: Apoorva GetSetBlush

    Thanks 🙂

  11. My mantra for stylist skin is being natural. It takes nothing much but a little of time to cleanse it and messaging.
    Using a good moisturiser n body lotion is my must to have after bath n befor bed totally freash skin to breath n glow.
    Taking good care of every body part needs time so for that i simply devote a day for each part from head to toe

  12. Stylish skin I believe is Clear and Flawless with a pink tinged cheeks and doe-eyes.

    I follow CTM, Sunblock and wear BB cream or medium coverage foundation on daily basis.
    I keep my blush close to my pink under tone and lips glossy with a hint of color.
    Coat on lots of Mascara and keep blotting paper handy to blot excess oil from face after few hours.
    I don’t believe in touch ups but blotting and that is how I keep my skin stylish,all day long.

  13. I stick to my regular CTM and Night care regime, no matter what the emergency is 😛

    for styling my skin prior going to office:

    1. Drink a glass of water after out from bed.

    2. Cleanse my face with milk and use Home-made rose toner.

    3. Apply Lotus 3-in-1 matte daily sunblock SPF 40.

    4. Dab some Loose powder or compact on the T-Zone area to keep Oiliness at par.

    5. I skip Kajal and line my upper lids with Maybelline hypersharp liner and apply 2 coats of Mascara

    6. As it is monsoon i skip Blush, but use Colorbar Illuminator pen on my cheekbones to add some glow

    7. Apply long stay lipcolor from the Lakme 9 to 5 range in Scarlet Drill, Pink Bureau, Brownie Point and Red Coat.

    8. At night, I apply TBS beautifying Oil or Forest essentials Cream in Sandalwood and Saffron on alternate days.

    Apart from all these,

    * i drink 4-5 litres of water everyday

    * avoid caffeine in every way. If needed, i treat myself with Green Tea or Nestea.

    * I like lots of green vegetables in my daily diet. I prefer boiled veggies rather than Oily foodies.

    * Drink a glass of milk everynight

    * everyday when u wake up either go for Honey and Lime Juice or Soak some fenugreek seeds in a glass of water at night, throw away the seeds in the morning and drink the water (good for bloating).

    * Incorporate lots of fresh fruits in your daily routine and try to eat in small parts.

    * never ever forgot to apply sunscreen, when u are in or out, to avoid tanning.

    * Massage your hands and legs daily at night with a good and rather a heavy moisturiser to keep them hydrated.

    * scrub your lips daily morning with toothbrush in gentle strokes and rub it with a cotton cloth. Apply Lipbalm after this to keep the lips moisturised.

    fingers crossed XXX
    Hope to win


  14. Keeping the skin stylish is many things done results in one point..
    As mine is an oily skin on face
    1. I go herbal for washing the face twice daily, where i don’t lose excess oil
    2. Water intake
    3.What i take in also shows up on my skin, control my oily/ fried foods intake
    4.Use the minimum make up when ever possible and I make it a point to use to coverup minor flaws with lakme mousse, which really makes my skin feel naturally me and comfortable in my own skin
    5.Regular walking
    6.Regular cleanups
    7. have a good night sleep with peace
    8. Keep smiling it adds the glow

  15. Styling my skin in 10 mins before an important event, hmm, that’s tough…
    O top a clean face, I will apply a mattifying primer to keep oil at bay, then add a BB/CC cream because these take the least time to blend, apply a creamy eyeshadow and blend with fingertips, and just add a few coats of a voluminous mascara. Pick out a lipstick of my choice, mostly bright, and ta-da, I’m done.

    Tips for saving time:
    1. BB/CC creams are usually sheerer in texture so it makes more sense to use one instead of a the full foundation application-blending routine.
    2. Use your mascara at the base of lashes, they will add some dimension to the yes without looking over the top and save time on precise lining using a pencil or liquid eyeliner. A mascara with a curved brush like Lakme eyeconic Curling mascara will work great as it can easily reach the base of lashes.
    3. Use a matte lipstick so that you can easily skip the lip lining step as well 🙂

  16. lets starts wid early in the morning i use to like do is ……..
    first thing i think i do is i always keep myself happy go lucky, early in the bed and early in the morning this things keeps the skin dark circles free, also sometimes pimples free.. as well as keeps myself happy from inside because
    2. cleanse my face with clean water also if it is chilled dats also gives me advantage as it energises me nd my skin.
    3. next leads to drink atleast 1 litre of fresh water early in the morning.
    4. A healthy diet like sprouts are very healthy also fresh juice of fruits.. sometimes a green tea is also prefers as it contains antioxidants and flavonoids in order to keep my skin glowing and young naturally this starts my morning.
    5. Yoga is most important for keeps your skin healthy. skin problem free and fit many asan like Bhujangasana,Sarvangasana, Kapalbhati: etc keeps my skin stylish, radiant and fit.
    5. Then a helthy food with full of proteins, carbohydrates, fibre a bowl of pulses in a day followed by some chapaties, sometimes i also use to eat egg as it contains a good amount of proteins, a glass of milk as it contains a good amount of minerals as well as protein, also prefers to take a fish as it contains large amount of proteins.
    6. In these rainy days i protect my skin with moisture and rainy water because this cause a bacterial and fungal infections which finally causes the pimples and rashes.
    7. I use to wash my face with lakme cleanup face wash then followed by lakme cleanup scrub and last but not d least lakme cleanup facepack,
    8. When i go to party i prefer only 1 step make that is lakme CC cream as it is S.P.F 28 which protects my skin from harmfull U.V radiations of sunlight.
    9 I usually protect my skin from chemical contained makeup as it close my skin pores and causes pimples..
    10. i always take a steam on my face for opening my closed pores it gives me and my skin a shiny and glowing visible skin and keeps me pimple free.
    11. last but not d least always keep yourself happy as some says that INNER BEAUTY REFLECTS OUTERMOST BEAUTY.

  17. Leave a My 3 tips for instant skin styling…
    1-Milkand honey mask: It is one of the best formulas to get that instant glow. Take
    a spoonful of honey and mix at least half cup of fresh milk in it. Now, apply
    this wonder mask on your face and see the amazing results.

    2-Sugar Scrub: Sugar doesn’t only add sweetness to
    dessert but it also eliminates the dead skin cells effortlessly. Mix one
    tablespoon sugar in two tablespoons of malai. Apply on your face and gently rub
    in circular motion to take away the dead skin cells. You can also mix sugar in
    cream cleanser and exfoliate your skin.

    3-Egg white and honey face mask: It works wonders, trust me. All
    you have to do is first mix one egg white with 1 tbsp of honey and after this,
    apply it evenly over your face extending it to the neck. All you get to see is
    a glowing bright skin.message…

  18. AhhhaaaAA … <3 What a Question..!!! That Every Female would like to answer 🙂
    Stayin' Stylish should be the mantra of life… ISSSSHHHtyle is so very important for me..
    But if IM PRESSED FOR TIME,i wud like to do the following–
    Wear Floral DRess or something In it is very IN these days 🙂
    Apply lakme Foundation along with a creame
    Apply lakme Kohl & liner
    liplne my Lips , apply lipstick followed by a lipgloss (as lipgloss z so very important for me)
    cheek shimmer
    wear a b'ful pair of shoes followed by a Bag or clutch..
    & m done…
    Now time to say GooDByEEE 🙂 🙂 <3

  19. I drink lots of water . I wash my face with a moisturising facewash from Lakme. I use sunscreen with a SPF of 24 .now a days Lakme has come up with lots of pop colours…I apply black eyeconic kajal and peach shaded lipstick…THAT’S IT(Keeping It Simply Stylish)
    because I really believe in MAKEUP JO NAA LAGE MADE-UP

  20. Keeping your skin stylish isn’t achieved through million cosmetics but through choosing the right product that suits your skin.

    1) The mantra that I follow before and after make-up is to cleanse my face with a face-wash. This keeps my face fresh before make-up and face free from cosmetic ingredients after make up.

    2) Once cleansing is done, I generally prefer to use a moisturizer and a primer on my face as a base prior to application of foundation.

    3) And then I take some foundation on my hands, using fingers which is the best means of foundation application I make tiny dots on my face from headline to neckline. Then I use a professional foundation sponge and rotate the sponge in a circular motion to achieve the best results of the foundation base on my skin.

    4) Then I prefer to use a professional brush which is specifically meant for the compact application. I take some amount of compact using the brush and start the application beginning to highlight from cheek bone to hairline. I would gradually begin to complete brushing my entire face up-til the highlight looks perfect.

    5) Then I use concealer to hide my dark circles.

    6) I do take some amount of concealer and apply it on top of my eyes so that it acts as a strong base for my eye-shadow.

    7) I choose an eye-shadow that is in contrast with my attire and I gently apply it using my fingers.

    8) Next is the main product without which I never step out, Kajal !!! I make sure it is very dark and I generally prefer to get a winged look.

    9) Post the application of Kajal, I use eye-liner to give a very light stroke on my eyes followed by a vibrant addition of my mascara.

    10) Your cheeks isn’t complete without a stroke of blush, I highlight the areas from cheek bone to the hair line on the side. (I make sure I smile while doing this so that I get the right point from where I must begin the application)

    11) Next I highlight my eye-brow using Kajal and I darken the edges of it to make it look sharp and natural.

    12) Next I take some effort to make my lip color a little special.

    But before that if I tend to wear a bright eye-shadow I always wear a transparent gloss on my lips so that the concentration and focus is towards the eyes.
    However, when I do not apply eye-shadow/lighter shade then I wish to experiment quite a lot with my lips.

    13) I brush my lips to remove the dead cells and then I do apply a lip-balm for moisturizing it. I dab a little amount of concealer on my lips and then begin the outline with a lip-liner that is capable of blending with all shades. Then I fill my lips with the lip-liner initially following which I apply the lipstick and remove excess color with a tissue. I use a lip gloss only on the centre portion of my upper lip and lower lip and give a final coat with my lip-liner.

    With this mantra I do create a very stylish look everyday 🙂

    The products that I have jotted down below are the latest ones that I use in my day-to-day life at present.

    1) Just Herbs NoSun Jojoba-Wheatgerm Moisturising Sun Protection Gel.
    2) Mac -Match Master Foundation SPF 15
    3) Mac – Studio Fix NC40
    4) Lakme Absolute White Intense Concealer Stick SPF 20
    5) Maybelline Dream Touch Blush 05
    6) Maybelline Colossal Kajal
    7) Few Shades apt for my attire from Rhomlon Cosmetics 24 color eye-shadow palette.
    8) Lakme eye conic Mascara
    9) Maybelline Color Sensational 338 Midnight Plum Lip-Liner
    10) Shades of Maybelline Super Stay 24 HR Lipstick
    11) Maybelline Color Sensational Lip Gloss apt with the lipstick

    Whether or not I win the contest, I hope that some of you here might have grabbed some amount of information from my post. Happy smiles for that 🙂 🙂 🙂

  21. I undergo the following steps to keep my skin stylish :

    1. I use Lakme Strawberry Face Wash to clean my face.
    2. I use Lotus Herbals 60 SPF Sunscreen Lotion to protect my skin from sun-rays.
    3. I apply a compact powder to my skin.
    4. I apply a Lakme eyeconic kajal to my eyes.
    5. Then I apply a waterproof mascara.
    6. Then I add a bright lipstick or a tinted lip balm to my lips.
    7. Adequate sleep, having balanced diet, drinking plenty of water and regular exercise are some other ways to have a beautiful and stylish skin.
    8. I also take care of my skin regularly to maintain its style and beauty.

    Thanks for the lovely Giveaway.

    My Email Id :

  22. here are things that i have been trying to do to keep my skin healthy and stylish –
    Ditch the junk food
    Eat green leafy vegetables
    Drink enough water to stay hydrated
    workout for 30 minutes everyday
    Get your 7 – 8 hours of beauty sleep
    pamper your skin with some of the natural treatments-
    1) When you wake up, wash your face with cold water with any face wash you wish .It wakes you up instantly and closes your pores, making your skin look healthy thouughout the day.

    2) Apply a moisturiser, even if your skin is oily. Skipping this part is one of the worse things you would do to your skin.

    2) Then, exfoliate your skin. i use baking soda as an exfoliator or i even rub ice all over my face for instant glow.

    I apply foundation to cover up. If you do too, then instead of using a primer, use 100% natural aloe gel as a primer. It is one of the best things I did to my skin, because Aloe Vera is INCREDIBLY amazing for skin. It can be use as a natural primer because the texture of it, is so smooth, it will give you a matte finish look.

    3) After you come back from work , do remove your make up. you can remove your make up using OLIVE OIL..its really good for your skin and works better than those chemical make up removers..

    4) Then, apply a face mask.
    Wash your face with a face wash and rinse it off with cold water.

    If you have a acne, then you can apply lemon and honey mask or you can even apply neem toothpaste to get rid of it overnight.

    Oatmeal face mask for getting fair and glowing skin at home
    •Oatmeal 2 tblsp
    •Tomato juice 1 tblsp
    •Yogurt 2 tblsp
    Prepare the paste of oatmeal ,tomato juice and yogurt or curd. Apply on your face for 20 minutes. After that wash with cold water. It will scrubs away the dead skin and all the dirt from your face. This face pack will also help you to get fair skin.

    So that is my basic skin care routine which works WONDERS for me.

  23. My instant Skin Stylist tips:

    1) Exfoliate and add moisture; the combination offers immediate plumping that lasts several hours. Even gentle sloughing causes skin to swell slightly, making wrinkles less noticeable. Use a scrub with smooth, spherical beads that polish without causing redness (look for polyethylene at the top of the ingredient list). Follow with a lotion, a peptide that relaxes muscles and temporarily eases pesky lines.
    2) Perk up your tired eyes by making them look more wide open by curling your lashes. Apply the eyelash curler as close to the base of your lashes as possible, squeeze closed to curl and hold for five seconds. If you’re too tired to curl your lashes, apply a curling mascara instead.
    3) Apply a wash of a lavender eye shadow; this pretty shade helps to open up and brighten the eyes. Further emphasize the inner corner of your eyes with an iridescent highlighter to add a glint of shimmer.
    4) Apply a washcloth soaked in cold water to your face for 10 minutes; the cool compress constricts blood vessels.

  24. Sweet and simple mantra’s without much fuss..

    1. I drink a lot of water each day. Keeps me hydrated and my skin glowing.
    2. Use CTM routine without fail!
    3. Use Johnson baby soap to wash my face. Keeps it soft and supple.
    4. Scrub once a week. My skin is sensitive so I try not to do that often.
    5. Facial once a month at Lakme salon.
    6. Never sleep with a trace of make up on my face.
    7. And my current love for instant styling is: Lakme CC cream

  25. I learnt an important lesson in my life that if you want to keep ur skin stylish you need to keep your skin healthy and that is why i drink lots of water. Exercise and eat healthy also make it a point to have a proper skin regime of cleaning toning and moisturising. Healthy skin is the basic need and important factor to look stylish as everything looks great on healthy glowing skin
    Choosing right make up and brand is also important .

    The key make up products I use often to style my skin are good base cream like a bb cream or serum. Compact as they make ur skin tone 100 even. lip gloss kohl.

    This is my way of keeping my skin stylish and I treat my skin with best brands as your skin deserves the best.

  26. For me it has to be
    1.Light Makeup Base-A BB or CC Cream
    2.A Compact Powder-To keep oil at bay
    3.A Lip Balm
    4.Lakme Absolute Kohl-which is my staple now
    5.A Rosy Nude Lipstick or a MLBB like the Lip Love Aphrodite Blush
    1..2..3..4..5 minutes and my Skin is Styled and all Sorted 🙂

  27. My tips for skin styling are:

    Rubbing ice cubes on my face or splashing cold water to open up my eyes n to control oiliness .

    CTM – This is very important for the reason it makes skin clean fresh n moisturise .
    Exfloilation with oatmeal twice a week.

    BB/CC cream – I am not someone who cn spend a lot of time on makeup so bb/cc cream are best as it gives mild coverage N even base.
    Dab translucent powder if req.

    Color : Last but not the least some color on apples of my cheeks and a bright lipstick to look gorgeous.
    Then My lakme Eyeconic Kajal and the eyeconic mascara to boost n define eyes.

    Scrubbing once a week whole body n Applyin sunscreen lotion on my hands ,neck ,feet to protect sun damage.
    Adequate n peaceful sleep is must for glowing skin
    Do regular exercise n yoga for healthy skin.

    And I am ready to Rock .
    Quite simple and quick 🙂

  28. We all luv rains bt monsoons bring along wit dem a lot of humidity n heat which does a lot of damage to our skin unless taken care of..My daily routine of cleansing , scrubing n moisturising with lakme products make it fuss free n simple to strt an energetic day….n keepin my skin super stylish..
    My bond wit lakme is nw fr over 2 decades..lakme is nt jus a skin care brand its chik n stylish make up products r my all tym favourite. ..lakme hs always kept a step ahead in fashion…n it caters to all age groups n all skin types..
    Specially in monsoons I tk cr of nt overloadin my skin wit makeup …rather a sunscreen , Lakme smudge free kajal n gloss completes my day luk…n I luv d latest neon nail paints fr a chik n spunky luk…n at nights I jus let my skin breathe…

    All d vry best to lakme fr its future products n waitin fr a stronger bond n sum awsum collection…♥♥

  29. I love when it is raining and I keep this in mind while doing my makeup (or as your ques – styling my skin) – you never know when you might feel like dancing in the rain or can end up involutarily also. 🙂 So, I don’t won’t to be bothered by my makeup messing up all the fun!

    Thus, my routine during monsoons is all about 5 things-
    A good rich moisturiser (I let it sink in for a while), then I go in with an illuminator that has a bit of broze tint (gives a very innocent beautiful glow), a soft flesh toned cream blush on the cheeks, eyes tight lined with kohl, a sheer lip balm and finished up with a bright smile. Viola! All set to have fun wherever whenever you want. 🙂
    That’s how I keep my skin stylish. I ain’t got a perfect skin and nor does my routine lasts forever but monsoons make me happy, that’s all that matters and besides, it is ok if you let your skin breathe for a while.

    Thanks for the opportunity.
    Megha M.

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