New Year resolutions 2015

new year resolution 2015

Have you ever noticed how unique an onion is? You can go on peeling it till nothing is left of it. No, am not trying to feed you pseudo-poetic crap in this article. My point is that life itself is made of layers, lots of it. You peel the first one off to reveal the second. Every year is a new beginning, as is every day.

The funny thing is that amongst all the years, my most memorable years have something crazy in them. That’s how I remember those years, by the crazy things that I have done, the fun I had had or the way I came scary close to being badly screwed. I remember the 8th standard by the ‘Bulletin board competition’ incident; the first year of my college by the ‘caught red-handed while bunking’ incident and the year of my post graduation by the ‘Dharamshala trip’ with my friends. So, in this New Year 2015, I want to do things that will help me remember the year.

So here are some interesting, and some weird, things that I plan on doing this new year to remember the year by and tell the colourful stories to my kids, nephews and nieces. Hush. That does not, in any way, make me a bad influence.

Here are the TOP four New Year Resolutions 2015. Nothing earth-shattering, but something one must plan on doing this coming year.

  • Sleep under the stars:

Yeah, clichéd, isn’t it? The thing is, though the term is used so very frequently, there is a handful of people who have actually done it. And no, I don’t mean sleep in a tent or just lie in the open field till late at night. I mean literally sleep under the stars the whole night long. I once tried it with my friend while on a trip, but got obstructed by an army of mosquitoes and insects. But this year I plan to go on a field trip and actually sleep under the stars and see and understand why it’s something so enchanting. This goes under ‘high priority’ for my new year resolution.

Note to self: Remember to carry Odomos.

  • Learn a new language:

I have wanted to learn a new language for a long time now but could never squeeze out enough time. This year, no matter what, am taking up a language class, maybe Japanese. French is a good option too. But I would love to learn Japanese, and it would be beneficial for me professionally too. Embassies do pay a lot, you know?

  • Send a post card:

To all the people who just went ‘What??’ let me tell you that I have not lost my marbles. As surprising as it sounds, I have never sent a post card to anybody. Internet, cell phone and fax always aided me into completely ignoring the almost-extinct post cards. I never knew whom I should send post cards to, as everyone stays just a click or a call away. And post cards to tech-savvy friends will probably get me deleted from their Facebook friend lists. But now I have found a perfect person to send a post card to. My grandmother; I know she’ll love the gesture. Post cards have an emotional element to them which does not exist in an indifferent mail. It tells someone you took the pains of writing something for them and then posting it. Try it and you’ll know. And your grandparents probably don’t have Facebook profiles, either. Win with this new year resolution.

  • Watch a gruesome movie and laugh through out:

I love suspense thrillers, horror and bloody movies. Have you ever noticed how the audience in a gory horror movie sit on the edge of their seat, clinging on to the hand rest for dear life. Even the guys there try to hide their flinch when the camera suddenly zooms in on the vague shape behind the curtain, while holding on protectively to their scared girlfriends. What can be the WEIRDEST thing to do at that precise moment to further unnerve the crowd? Laugh. Yes. Don’t be surprised if you see them yelling and running towards the exit thinking a zombie has been let loose inside the hall. This definitely will turn out as one of the most funny new year resolutions.

These and a few more things will surely make the coming 2015 fun and fruitful. Think about what you want to do this year that you haven’t done in any other year. Have fun thinking of fun, random stuff to do in 2015. Happy thinking! And do let me know in the comments below your New Year Resolution that will get you poised for a fantastic 2015.

  1. I have been a girl with extra flab so my first resolution is.

    1. Go to M size from XXL with healthy diet.

    2. Plan week out with my close friend, who lives in Gujarat. Due to distance we can rarely meet.

    3. Adopt stray dogs.

  2. Lovely post dear…vry true life is like an onion….each year a layer is taken off and ultimately everythn gets we shud njoy each and every moment like its our last… 🙂

    My resolution for this year is i wanna go on a crazy 4-5 day trip wid my frnds and totally kick away all inhibitions n go crazy..Im kind of the shy kind…This year im gonna work on my personality and become more out going..By the end of the coming year i wanna have lots of new frnds and crazy memories to cherish… 🙂

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