The blooms and the lights and the New Year Resolutions!

Happy New Year !


Yeah, so the New Year 2015 is soon approaching. The streets now smell of Christmas, every bakery shop sighting the street attack on your senses with the sight and smell of delicious muffins stacked up the shelves, Christmas tree-shaped cakes and candies. The malls, the restaurants and the markets are lighted so damn beautifully, makes me want to stress every syllable of the word. Just yesterday I was out with a friend doing some basic grocery shopping when I saw the tiny shops lining the streets, filled with sparkly bells, stars, and other Christmas tree decorations. I came close to wiping out half the contents of the shop, and I din’t even have a Christmas tree. Oh well, I can justify myself very well. I love Christmas. I love all festivals that involve lights flooding the city.

New Year is an amazing reminder of the end of a year. And the start of a new year, of course. Call me weird, but I focus more on the end of a year. That is the one time in a year I actually retrospect on how I spent the dying year. If I did anything constructive that year to help make that year more than just another mindless year passing by. Don’t call me pessimistic yet. I also review how I made use of the opportunities and how I could have milked them better, or how I could have prepared better for that presentation, how I could have won that argument with my friend using the Law of Relativity, how I could have let someone slap me into not buying that horrendous shirt which, now, makes me cringe every time I open the closet.

I haven’t given up on New Year resolutions. I have surely made some for the coming year too. It may not so much work for the indecisive bunch of us. So I decided upon this new ‘Review at the end of a Year’ technique which serves me better. It is more realistic (pessimistic to some) and I can do it impartially, without being dictated in any way by the traditional red wine, or the illusions of optimism-to-the-point-of-foolishness of New Year. I love New Year’s too and I have all the intention of spending the day having fun with friends and family, stuffing my mouth with cake, while a nagging cell in brain keeps coming up with potential resolutions to go down in the list. No, I haven’t washed my hands completely off the whole “will prepare at least a month before the vacation”, “will lose the third tyre”, “will patiently wait for my hair to grow out and won’t rush to a hairdresser at the first given chance” thing.

This year my funny new year resolutions (further to written already here), which my friend insists on having, are very simple:

– I will not harbour any bad feelings for anyone. Only if they annoy me big time, will I put my foot forward to help them trip.

– Will try to sit through an entire episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. ( I know really tough)

– I will convincingly ensure my mum that am doing all my work within the deadline.

– I will not snap when petty superstitions are being rubbed on my face. As long as the ‘black cat’ thing does not come up.

Well, these are my New Year resolutions for the coming 2015. And about the reviews of the fading year, I’ll keep the shame of it to myself. The glory I will boast about in Facebook. Hope you too make reasonable resolutions this year that you can actually stick to. Make an honest review of this year to help you understand what you want from the coming year. Good luck!

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