Less is More: 6 Ways to begin living a minimalist fashion lifestyle

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Repeating clothes is cool. Mixing & matching is cool.

Minimalism is the new way of life. Be it in beauty, fashion, or lifestyle. More and more people have begun living a minimalist fashion lifestyle. It is not just great to spark joy, but also great for the environment as well. The big home trends, fashion, beauty, food, everything is going minimal to save our environment and in the process, save ourselves.

Begin living a minimalist fashion lifestyle with these tips.

We all feel encompassed in consumerism, want to break free, and keep wondering, “How do I start a minimalistic lifestyle?” Read on for our practical minimalist lifestyle tips.

Here are 6 tips to begin living a minimalist fashion lifestyle.

1.Organize items by category

This will help you see what all you have and what all do you have in abundance. When you get an idea, it’ll help you understand your needs better. Declutter first and then get only what you want. So many times, our wardrobes are full of items we never use. Purge them and do some good to you. Give it to the needy and get some blessings too. Only keep what you wear and will wear in the coming two seasons. Start living a simpler life and see its benefits. You will not be able to hoard things anymore.

2. Invest in basics

This is a golden rule in fashion and will always be true. Invest in basics so that you can reuse them, style them in various ways, and wear them for years and years. For example – Your trusty black heels will go a long way as compared to the trendy neon ones. So get fashion items in basic colors – black, beige, and white, and you can style them with accessories.

how to live a minimalist fashion lifestyle
Basics are never so basic! Always your savior. I wear this long black pullover with colourful stockings, basic black warm leggings and blue denims as well. One piece with many combinations. That’s minimalism.
tanya sachdev minimal lifestyle
Wore my grey cape over the same long black sweater to change the look. Paired with warm black leggings and ankle boots.

3. Get rid of the duplicates

Your wardrobe is full of so many duplicates. And let’s be real, you don’t need them all. It is time to get rid of the duplicates. It will make your wardrobe lighter, you can invest in something more interesting that you actually need. You can also give away the duplicates to your friends, cousins and someone in need, so that’ll be a double whammy.

4. Quality over quantity

If you want to begin living a minimalist lifestyle, then you need to understand that quality over quantity is something that’ll help you. Invest in that one good quality jacket or shoes that are versatile, and will last long, and help you create different looks. I see a lot of minimalist living examples around and I salute them. People have become mindful. They no longer splurge their hard earned money on impulse buying. They rather think and buy quality over quantity and live a sustainable lifestyle, the need of the hour.

If you find it difficult to control your shopping, then follow these tips to control that shopaholic urge.

5. Ask yourself some hard questions

Being tempted to become a hoarder is so easy considering the influence of so many sales and convenience of online shopping. But you need to ask yourself some hard questions –

  • Do I need this?
  • Do I have something similar in my wardrobe?
  • How many times will I be able to use it?
  • Can I thrift buy the same piece?
  • Can I replace it with something I already have?

I ask myself these questions, trust me. I not only save my money but end up buying signature pieces that are classy and so chic.

6. Repeating outfits is OK

I know that pressure – ‘Will I wear the same outfit again? Everyone has seen it!’ Trust me it is you who makes the outfit stand out and not the other way round. Repeat outfits like a pro. Of course you can add variations by changing your make-up & accessories, changing the bottomwear, adding a colorful scarf etc. This way you would buy less and lead a minimalist lifestyle automatically.

start living a simple life
Kritika, my ace writer has worn this kurta so many times. With jeans, black leggings, red palazzo! She looks beautiful each time.

Hope you’ll implement these tips and begin living a minimalist lifestyle and contribute your bit to mother nature.

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