My Children’s Day !

Today, when I passed through the jam at Raj Ghat because of a fleet of buses carrying school kids to Bal Bhawan, I realized it’s Children’s day. The toddlers, the young ones and not so young ones were more than excited thanks to Chacha Nehru.

Welcome to my age where Children’s day is reduced to the ashing memories of school days. And, today I feel reluctant to admit the lost significance of once celebrated exquisite day of my life. So, as a tribute to my childhood days, this is what I‘ll do today:

Behave like a child locked within the proclaimed mature me.

Eat 4 ice-creams at one go, something I loved doing as a child.

Take my mom out to buy me new clothes .Its been an era wherein I went out for shopping with mom. The independent me is so independent to do this anymore.

Meet my close friends and talk out those pompous childhood memories and acknowledge the past tense of the past life.

Visit Bal Bhawan on the weekend .I cant do it today because of a full day, but will definitely do it on the weekend to say hi to those stunning days .

Read on Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru – the founder of the day and commit to the welfare of atleast one child in the coming year.

The day even reminds of the opening of the extravagant India International Trade fair , those demarcated halls for different states, sumptuous foods from all corners of the country, international stalls, rural and tribal handicrafts, good living, product categories from software ,automobiles ,electronics ,leather, jewellery,textiles, furniture and a wide range of consumer goods. For us, as kids, it was a mela for a day comprising of a  big group of cousins, aunts, uncles and neighbors . And today, these are days of jams outside Pragati Maidan during morning and evening office hours. Once fun, now a hassle – hmmmm !

Such a contrast between now and then ,so why not dedicate today in re-living the innocence and naiveness of our childhood and mark this date , for that matter 14th of every month on our calendars to celebrate our own Children’s day – a day for ourselves and the fun attached.


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