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Mia from Tanishq

There are many women who have inspired me and I have always wondered at their powerful capabilities. These women are super-women who can do almost anything with precision and near perfection. In my growing up years, from studying to working for almost a decade, I have come to a conclusion that each one of us is beautiful with divine powers for achieving anything that we put our heart to. Hope in self and trust in God are the true two essentials to power and achieve and guide through. Of one particular woman who has inspired me to the hilt is my Mom. This article is for her for she is my Mia woman.

My mom is a woman with larger than life attributes, zest for life, finishing everything in time, accommodating 48 hrs in 24, taking care of everything and everybody and still being so self-less, so loving and so smiling. The balance between her work life and home life is a point of special mention. The food is cooked on time, the home is spic and span and the work is worshipped too. Her work is a form of self-expression and I am struck with her beauty of inner and outer self. She makes her life and work beautiful, for ones around her beautiful and loves everything she does. It is important for her to add fun and character around and impact everyone associated with her. She zings her work in vibgyor colors and adds imagination and aims in our lives. My life has been what it is Thanks to her. I truly and deeply owe every iota of my existence to her. If I worship my work, it’s because of her; if I can balance by life, it’s because of her; if I can love and give to others, it’s because of her; if I can be a good wife, it’s because of her; if I can be a good human, It’s because of her. My heaven, my existence, my soul-mate- I love her from my every inch and my every blood drop.

Megha from the Mia TVC is one such woman who brings work before her. For her, work is the topmost priority which comes before her own-self. The TVC absolutely brings out her character and the theme of the new collection. Mia from Tanishq adds strength to an already beautiful woman. Light and playful, this collection is for you and me, for everyone who balance their lives and put their priorities before them.

I’m going to the Tanishq store to buy another work accessory for my mom…Why don’t you do the same for the Mia woman of your life!!!

  1. Ohh..That’s a nice dedication..May the bod of Mom Daughter love stay pure, precious and shine forever like Tanishq.

  2. Ohh..That’s a nice dedication..May the bond of Mom Daughter love stay pure, precious and shine forever like Tanishq.

  3. Hey Tanya,

    I often come to your blog. I found pleasure to read. You and your mom both are awesome. Great job you are doing. I work with BarCode91 and want to say all the best for your future.

    Congrats for this wonderful blog.

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