AIEEE: Score by outsmarting others!

AIEEE exam

The older we grow, the better we learn that life is not a vacation at some posh hotel in the beaches of Hawaii, with 15 waiters zooming in and out of the picture, filling your drink and changing your sheets. It takes more than a pair of Ray Ban glasses to see and comprehend the bigger picture. To bag a good job, you need to pass out from a decent college. Every student wants to make it to a decent college and, to achieve that ambition, will inflict upon himself the sleepless nights and the pains of several exams. AIEEE is the second toughest engineering exam in India, and the kids who can crack it, the very cream of our society, are rewarded with seats in the premier institutes of India. A million candidates appear for the exam and, therefore, it is difficult to be one of the few hundreds to be selected. To crack AIEEE, true and honest dedication is required from the student’s end. Mindless mugging and blindly studying will get the student nowhere, what he needs is the right approach and the correct funda to outsmart the others and score higher.

It is important to make every second count when preparing for AIEEE. Some of the tips that will benefit you greatly in sitting for a fruitful exam are:

Be best chums with the formulas:

You would not forget the name of your best buddy, would you? Nor would you forget his number or address. Dump your best friend and offer that vacancy to the complicated formulas and theories. Know them inside out and be crystal clear with the concepts. Be in constant touch with them and make it a point to meet them at least twice every day.

Take mock tests:

Enter the war zone fully armed. Prior to the test, spend at least two hours every day taking mock tests. Nothing prepares you better for an exam than sitting for a mock test. It not only helps you test your skills and knowledge, but also gives you a practical, first- hand lesson on effective time management.

NCERT books= The Bible:

NCERT books are the sacred books whose pages you should be religiously flipping through every day if you have any plans of cracking the exam. Many questions of the exams are directly taken from those books, and regular reading of the NCERT books will greatly help you.

Focus on Physics, Chemistry and Maths:

About 80% of Physics questions are framed from Electricity, Magnetism, Heat Transfer and Radioactivity. In the case of Chemistry, focus should be channelled upon Physical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry and Inorganic Chemistry. NCERT Chemistry books are good enough to cover all of these topics, and several more. In Maths, focus on Vectors Calculus and Algebra.

Work on your problem areas:

When you are taking mock tests, check which area you are good at and which strikes as a problem to you. Work extra carefully on the problem areas in the next mock test. If you are conscious of your problem areas and take due steps to improve it, your problem areas would no longer be so much of a problem during the actual test.

In a nutshell, preparation, time management and confidence are the three key words which I want to emphasize on. Cracking the AIEEE is not as hard as it is painted to be. Channel your energies the right way and you will definitely be rewarded. Abundantly

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Last date for online submission: 31.12.2011

Date of Examination (off-line): 29.04.2012

Date of Examination (on-line): 07.05.2012 To 26.05.2012

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