How do you coordinate clothes? Coordinate Fashion rules!

co ordinate clothing
Co-ords- a fashion must have!

Do you remember when you were young, your family and friends used to say “matching matching” when your top and jeans were of similar colours? How unique is it that the so called “matching matching” now has a name called “co-ords” and these are lately super trending in the fashion market. Co-ords are sleek and simple and yet so classy that they fit in, in every possible occasion. Be it office, or a party or a semi-formal get together, there isn’t even one event where co-ords would not fit in. 

For those who do not know, co ords is short for coordinates. Coordinates are worn in the same print or matching colours and styled in such a way that the different pieces can be worn together. For casual wear, you have co-ords available in shorts, dress shorts etc. For formal wear there are co-ords with pants or a formal skirt. One can look absolutely stunning with a blazer as an add on. In this articles we will discuss about the co ords and its flexibility over various occasions. 

How do you coordinate clothes?

Let’s go occasion wise.


Let’s suppose you have a business meeting tomorrow and you don’t know what to wear, then co-ords are a perfect choice. But then does it get difficult to find a blazer or a coat matching your co ords? Well we live in the 21st century and how is it even possible that we do not have an alternative to solve such problems? 

(Source: Shein India)

These days the trending co-ords are those with the blazers. In the picture above you would see how stunning these co-ords turn out to be and also look equally professional and formal. The blazer and the pant are of the same fabric and colour. A matching top can be worn inside. One can also wear a formal shirt or keep it stylishly formal with a top. Pair your suit with smart heels and you are good to go.


So your business meeting is over and now some semi-formal occasion turns up and you are puzzled about what to wear. Co-ords are for your rescue again. The wide variety this style offers in semi formals is just mind boggling. 

In the picture below you will notice a simple style with a smart design. You can even co-ord this top with a pencil skirt or a very sleek and stylish kind of pants.

Source : Shein

Now all your business meetings and seminars are done and we come to the party mood. You will find co ords here too. There are various different types of co-ords and the flexibility each offers is off charts. You can make a stunning diva like appearance with a co-ord too.

Source : Shein India

Even if you have a tea party at home, dressing up in co-ords will make your day more beautiful. Co-ords have a romantic side to them.

look fashionable during corona lockdown
Tanya redefining fashion and style! Looking stylish even at home..

Surprisingly your pyjamas could also be a co-ord. My favourite out of everything is the pyjama co-ords. They are just incredibly cute and also make your night so stunning. So if you have random guests coming over to your house at night, you don’t really have to hurry and change because you are already in a very styled clothing.

Source: Edie

You can find co ords easily in the normal branded shops like H&M or Marks & Spencer or Veromoda or on online shopping apps like Shein. 


For those who do not have co-ords, how do we make one out of our existing wardrobe? (By the way no, I am not asking you to sew and stitch.) So the solution to that is you can pair one of your ordinary clothes. Everyone generally has one black legging/pants or trousers. If you have a similar black or dark grey top, your co-ord is ready. If you have some white designs on your black trouser, pairing it with a white top is also a good option. Denim on denim makes a great co-ord. Pair your denim jacket with you jeans and volia, your sizzling co-ord is ready. It just looks wow. You gotta play with the colour combinations.

denim on denim
Forever crushing over denim on denim look! Source – elsamoda

Remember co-ords are a result of playing with colours and associating random pairs and of course designs too. Play with your clothes, mix & match and again match to finally achieve the perfect combination. That will be your Coordintine Story.

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Take care and happy co-ordinating 🙂

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