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Fashion lookbook: Red hue

Hiya everyone. It has been a crazy day with rains pouring from each corner. I woke up to a rainy day, missed my aerobics class, got late to work, walked on rain slush and hovered from one shop to another in search of a gold on beige fabric. But alls well that ends well. I got the fabric, settled for a nice frappe and ate like a hungry bird. The day saw me in hues of red and I think it complimented the auburn sun-line. I have tried to keep the outfit simple and easy for a hectic day. The top, accessories, sandals- all are in subtle hues of red. The pyramid necklace is a delicate piece to uplift the neck area and the small red clutch has been added to top up the red hue.Lets Expressored huelets Expresso

Lets Expresso

Coffee with a good friend makes my day and today was one of them. We ordered submarines to accompany our drinks and inspite of giving low fat instructions with exclusion of cheese and everything fatty, the extra dose of mayonnaise killed it all. But I should admit it was the only thing that made the sub mouth watering. We had been walking for a long time in the market and I must say the mall culture has totally spoiled us. The ease of walking in an AC mall vs walking shop to shop in an open market area makes one realise how dependent we are on ACs today. One hour without it and we struggle for our lives. I mean, Is this our resistibility ? Anyhow, since the mission of buying that particular fabric got accomplished, the day is ending with a happy note.

Lets expressoLets Expresso

Fashion Lookbook


Top :
Bottom : Levis
Shoes : Random
Accessories : Red Pyramid necklace & Bag, Thanks to ShopNineteen

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