While shopping today with my friend (read male friend), the question struck me and struck me really hard. Well I had my reasons and reasons were strong to question the unquestionable- Do girls only shop? To answer this, I present my case step by step to what all happened today as I recount the day. Here we go with the shopping day’s details…

Shop 1 : Zara. We came out with an overcoat for winters after carefully examining heaps of blazers and winter suits. The card was swiped along with the smile of achievement.

Shop 2,3 & 4: Nothing. Damn it, nothing fitted. “O God- losers, they do not make things to fit me”, he growled and I laughed out loud! Outfits not fitting were the complaints from WE THE GIRLS, how dare something NOT FIT THE BOYS… But aha, so is the case- seen with my own eyes. Hence proved.

Shop 5 : OK, we move on with the dialogue, “We boys are focussed, we only go to the shops where we actually want to buy.” Trin Trin, the 5th shop does prove useful and some stuff is bought. OK, now we are done from mall no 1, so we move on to mall no 2. Well, the 3 malls are connected so we just have to walk from one to another.

Shop 6 : We enter, we spend 40 minutes and We conquer. We come out with a handful of some more shopping. Aha time to enter Shop 7 and there we buy a pair of shoes and come out with a sigh and some tantrum from the gentleman with a reminder that still some stuff is left to buy. And why the tantrum from him, it should be from me- for, I am not cribbing inspite of the fact that I haven’t bought a needle till now INSPITE OF BEING DECLARED A GIRL WITH THE TYPICAL SHOPPING SYNDROME.

Do girls only shop? What about the not so fairer sex...

Next, we enter TGIF for a lunch break and I remove my shoes that had been eating me all this while along with the burden of shopping with someone else, by someone else, for someone else.

Shop 8 and nothing, so we move to the third mall. And I am made to walk faster indicating the shortage of time. Well, shortage of time- where and how? I mean I have been walking behind for the past 4 hours with a smile on my face and not complaining, then how dare you; and on the fact that enough time has been spent in the mall…Hello, it is your shopping not mine. I should be the one complaining and not you…

Shop 9 : 5 shirts picked and the day is declared fruitful. It will be fruitful when you and your shopping has been the focus and the other person proved the famous, “A friend in need is a friend indeed”. How these phrases come so handy at such situations and how there is no antidote to them…

Finally, we move out and straight to the car. There is no quick coffee break after a day’s toil, not even a mention about it. It’s time to move out of the mall, suddenly the mall looks suffocating with so many people around. Ask me, the number is the same as 4 hours back…hmmm.

I smiled and left the place with the same thought I started with, “Do girls only shop?” Well I have spent the entire day hopping inbetween three malls without buying an iota of anything and a bomb has been spent in a single day for shopping for the not so fairer sex.



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