Common Lingerie Mistakes You Want to Avoid

Lingerie Mistakes You Want to Avoid
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With summer here now, you’re likely not only thinking about buying new swimwear and clothing but updating your lingerie collection, too. Now is the time to purchase some new products to help you feel and look great, no matter the occasion. The right undergarments can have a significant impact on this. 

However, many of us make the same mistakes when buying and wearing lingerie, which are worth noting and avoiding. Here are some to keep top of mind as you shop.

Picking the Wrong Size or Fit

The most common lingerie errors made by women are picking the wrong size of underwear or pieces that don’t fit properly. Bra sizes, in particular, can fluctuate yearly as our bodies change. We gain or lose weight and muscle tone, age, may become pregnant, and experience other changes. We must keep an eye on how well our items fit us and change them as necessary. Just because you wore a certain bra size a couple of years ago doesn’t mean that’s what you need now. 

As such, get professionally fitted every so often by someone who fits people regularly and knows what they’re doing. Most department stores and lingerie shops have employees available for this. When you buy bras, pick those that are okay when done up on the loosest hook, too, rather than the tightest one. As the band stretches over time, you can tighten the grip and get more wear out of it. 

Some signs to look out for that you’re currently wearing an incorrectly fitted bra include that you’re busting out of the cup (meaning the size is too small or the style doesn’t suit your shape), or the underwire is poking into you (indicating you need a bigger cup size). Also, take a look at the band of the bra on your back. The bra isn’t the right fit for you if it’s heading up towards your shoulders rather than parallel to the floor. 

Plus, consider if the product will give you enough breast support. Getting the wrong size or fit will affect this factor, leading to soreness and increasing the likelihood of sagging breasts over time. As for panties, ensure they don’t cut into the skin around your waist or behind or squeeze too tightly elsewhere. You want to be comfortable and let your body breathe adequately. 

Visible Lines

If you wear too-tight undergarments, you’ll likely have folds of skin bulging out and more visible panty lines, too. Or, if you’re wearing the wrong style of undergarment for an outfit, the same thing will occur. As such, always check what’s showing underneath your clothing before you head out. You don’t want panty lines showing up under fitted skirts, dresses, or pants, or bra lines showing under tops and dresses. 

Pick smooth T-shirt bras to wear with tight tees, for instance, and thongs or seamless panties for under the various fitted bottoms you wear, such as exercise tights and form-fitting dresses and trousers. In particular, if you have clothing made from sinuous materials such as satin or silk, or stretchy polyesters that sit very close to your skin, you’re more likely to have visible lines to combat. Pay attention to the overall shape created by your clothing, and you’ll avoid bringing unwanted attention to your undergarments. 

Choosing an Incorrect Color for Your Outfit

Another common mistake many of us make is picking underwear colors that don’t suit our outfits. Whether you’re wearing your favorite sexy lingerie sets or everyday cotton briefs and bras, you must choose the hues carefully. It’s best not to wear contrasting colors underneath thin shirts, especially white or light-toned ones. 

Dark fabrics will be apparent, and even white underwear is more visible than you’d expect. Harsh lighting or camera flashes can highlight the evidence of the wrong color choices even more, too. Wear nude bras under white and other light-colored or thin clothing and black, navy, or other dark shades under dark pieces. 

Failing to Care for Lingerie Properly

You might make all the right decisions when buying and wearing lingerie, but you’ll let yourself down if you fail to care for your undergarments properly. It’s best to hand wash lingerie, especially bras and dainty panties, wherever possible to help keep their shape and stop the typically delicate materials from fraying or getting snagged. 

If you do need to put pieces in the washing machine, hook the clasp and put bras inside a special lingerie bag. Always choose the most delicate setting on your machine, and don’t put items in the clothes dryer as the heat will damage lingerie. 

Other mistakes to avoid are not storing bras correctly (they should be laid flat or placed vertically in a drawer, not folded into themselves) and keeping items for too long. Don’t buy what’s on-trend or someone else likes if you don’t feel comfortable in it, either. Make better choices regarding lingerie, and you’ll look and feel better, no matter where you go or what you wear.

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