Plus Size Pencil Skirt – How to pick the perfect fit?

pencil skirt
plus size pencil skirt
Kim Kardashian looks stunning in a pencil skirt. Though, she doesn’t qualify to be a plus size woman but her curves give all the reasons to look at her way of wearing the pencil skirt with style and attitude.

Pencil skirts are the latest fashion trend. Pair them with a quirky top for a casual look or a crisp shirt for a classy formal look. The quintessential pencil skirt is a must have in your wardrobe for spring and summers.

But a lot of times plus sized women shy away from experimenting with pencil skirts. But the good news is, the fashion industry is warmly welcoming plus sized fashion and why not, after all ‘Curves make you look hotter’. Plus Size Pencil Skirt is the new tinsel town talk.

Read on to know how all you plus sized women can make a redefining style statement with pencil skirts.

  • A pencil skirt suits nearly all body types and accentuates curves. If you have pear shaped body and hourglass shaped body you need to be extra cautious. Be bold enough to try different looks. You can experiment with the high waist pencil skirt. It looks stunning and gives the illusion of longer legs. The high waist pencil skirt will also make you appear slimmer.
  • Pencil skirt works very well in giving an overall slimming effect. But there are certain things that you need to keep in mind. For curvy and plus sized women it is ideal to team up their pencil skirts with a ruffles top or a deep V neck blouse.
  • Let your upper body be the center of attraction with brightly colored tops, statement neckpieces and even plunging necklines. For extra oomph you can team up the skirt with heels or wedges. This would take away the focus from your hips and legs.

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To tuck or not to tuck?

A lot of women seem to be confused whether to tuck their tops or not.

If you are curvy or plus size, we recommend that you tuck in the top in your high waist pencil skirt. It looks very classy, gives your legs an elongated look and the best part, it makes you look slimmer by flattening your waist and tummy.

The right fit

It is essential to get the right fit. The skirt should not be too tight as this would be very uncomfortable. It would also create unwanted bulges and you certainly don’t want that. If the skirt is too loose it would add more volume around your tummy and hips.

The perfect fit for plus size women would be – high waist so that it flattens your waist, fitting nicely along the hips and going straight down to the knees.

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Choose the right color

For plus sized women it is always good to stick to dark solid colors – black, dark blue, oxblood, chocolates and deep greens. You can team a solid colored skirt with a variety of tops to create a new look every time. Experiment with different types of textured and patterned tops to mix and match!

Pair the skirt with a floral top, chunky earrings and gladiators for a causal lunch date. And for a formal look team your pencil skirt with a peplum top and ballet flats or stunning wedges.

Hoping that these tips and tricks help you flaunt the irresistible pencil skirt looks perfectly!

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