aims to help to smaller e-commerce players.Here’s how!


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Recently I wrote an article about how– a startup idea by Prateek Poddar and Nikhil Vij is doing a great job of providing a personalised shopping magazine for fashion and art lovers looking for great products and unique gifts. Both Pratik and Nikhil left their high collar jobs and started working on their dream idea to provide customers with awesome products at their home and office convenience. The trends come to your home at your convenience and you can buy them at 1am, 4am or early morning- the shop is open 24 hours.

Clipr not only solves the problem of its customers who are on a constant lookout for awesome products but it also helps smaller e-commerce companies who are in their start up phase and find it extremely difficult marketing their products. These companies have that uniqueness and awesomeness in their products but they don’t know how to reach the right customer and get the best market for their products. Clipr comes in huge help here.
Wine Rack: Film Reel. How funky can it get?
Home Republic Delta Collapsible Wardrobe. Will you find it somewhere else?



How helps e-commerce players?

Clipr works in many ways. It discovers, recommends and promotes the products on its platform and helps smaller-e-commerce players in their product visibility and appeal. It shows an array of options and availabilities and helps the user to make a well informed choice. It brings together the user and the e-commerce company on the same platform. For the final buy and payment, it transports the user to the seller’s website and the user gets introduced to the seller and makes his or her transaction there at the seller’s front. Since Clipr is the middleman, the buyer truly trusts the seller and buys the product. The reputation and recommendation of Clipr helps in the complete buying process. In the end, both the buyer and the seller go back happy.
The unmet demand for an online shopping network that not only sells but recommends, introduces new products and discovers unique products from every nook and corner is what Clipr aims at solving. You discover amazing products for yourself, search further amazing products for friends and family and share them aswell to help your near and dear ones experience the same delight.
That’s why I say, Let’s clip it , tag it and ……….. of course Trend it.
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