Diageo Masterclass at Vogue Wedding Show, Cocktail recipes with Whiskey

Vogue wedding show

I may not be an alcohol drinker but I could not say No to the specially curated masterclass by Diageo at the Vogue Wedding show last weekend. I mean who would not want to discover more about the lip smacking cocktails and the history of Alcohol. And while sitting there, I was glad I made it. Zbigniew Zapert, brand ambassador Diageo created an experience with signature cocktails that truly delighted the taste palates. Read on for some smashing Cocktail recipes taught by him.

Zbigniew Zapert played with Johnnie Walker and Malts and gave a tingling edge to the evening. Highlighting the history of alcohol, he paved way to some astonishing facts to light up the moods brighter. Some snippets from his discussion:

  • India is primarily a whiskey drinking country. We love to go loud for our weddings. Showcasing a bar in a wedding is a very cool idea for the love of all the uncles and aunties who love to disco post 2 drinks.
  • Bar accessories are a great wedding gift options. One can choose from shot glasses to cocktail shakers as return gifts.
  • Cocktail menus to the spirits used for the wedding should be carefully chosen keeping the mass demand in mind.
  • Single malts are blended too. It comes from a single distillery and only malted barley is used. All whiskies in the world are blended.
  • Master blender has the toughest job in the world. He designs the whiskey. A brand of a whiskey tastes the same throughout the world and whenever consumed. Your taste palettes make the difference in tasting.
  • It is better to stir the drink than shake it. Shaking breaks the ice and dilutes the drink. More ice is better in whiskey as it makes the whiskey chill faster and lessens dilution.
    Vogue wedding show
    Zbigniew Zapert addressing the masterclass.
Vogue wedding show
Zbigniew Zapert & Pedro Rafael having a fun moment.
Cocktail recipes with whiskey
Zbigniew Zapert teaching how to make brilliant cocktails.
Cocktail recipes with whiskey
The right way to pour and mix.

Now let’s take a look at some super awesome Cocktail recipes with whiskey shared by him:

1. Old Fashioned

–          60ml Talisker 10y

–          10ml sugar syrup

–          3 dashes Angostura Bitters

–          Orange zest

2. Whisky Sour

–          60ml JW Gold Label Reserve

–          20ml lime juice

–          20ml sugar syrup

–          2 dashes angostura

–          One egg white

3. Back on Black

–          60ml JW Black Label

–          20ml Blackberry Syrup

–          20ml lime juice

–          60ml ginger ale

4. Golden Gates

–          60ml JW Gold Label

–          60ml Green Tea and spices decoction

Green tea and spices decoction:

–          1000ml strong green tea

–          500gr castor sugar

–          10 cardamom pods

–          Half of a nutmeg seed

–          50gr cinnamon bark

–          Skin of one orange

Boil all ingredients for 20 minutes and cool it down. Fine strain the spices.

Hope you have fun with these recipes and try them at the next home party. Bring out the bartender in you or I should say a MIXOLOGIST in you, wink.

  1. Alcohol in Indian Weddings is more important than food. I belong to a punjabi family and a marriage without alcohol is like impossible. 😛
    Hey Tanya, I am glad I came across your blog. You have some really good stuff over here. I don’t know much about alcohol and cocktails (I have tasted just one till now 😛 ) but it was nice to read this post. Thanks. 🙂

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