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Your mom’s and grand mom’s trunk is nothing short of a hidden treasure. I am always on the lookout to grab something from my mom’s trunk, especially when it comes to a saree. It seems that they never get old. Be it the gorgeous Benarsi silks or the pretty chiffons, it is an unexplored world.

Today we give you some great ideas for how to recycle a saree! So get ready for this exciting and innovative journey and reuse your old sarees.

Recycle with style

Use your creativity and imagination to reuse your sarees and transform them into brand new pieces. There are times when your saree accidently tears from a strategic position. So what would you do? Just throw it away… I would suggest that you recycle it. There are many ways to recycle sarees.

You can use patches for your cushions or curtains. Just cut away the pretty brocade or embroidered pieces, mix n match them and stich them on your cushions to give your home a new look and feel. The good thing is that you can experiment with colors, fabrics and textures.

Using old sarees to create kurtis is also a great idea. You can combine it with various patch works and get a contrasting churidar or salwar. Incorporate the paloo of the saree into the dupatta and voila, your designer suit is ready.

Mix and match various sarees or small patches from sarees to cover your favorite diaries and folders. It would give them an ethnic chic look and a different identity. Red, silver or black – go on and play with colors.

By now you must have understood that recycling is an art. You need to do it with intelligence. Making potli bags or pouches out of old sarees is a great idea. Some old sarees, sewing kit and your vivid imagination – the amalgamation of these would give brilliant results.

The next method is a superb idea and I can personally vouch for the success of this method. My grand mom had a heavy brocade saree with a gorgeous (yes, that’s the word) magenta and golden border. It was one of her favorite sarees and then she gave it to my mum. Somehow my mom didn’t like the material of the saree, but that border was a killer. So I and my mom thought of intelligently recycling it. My mom had a plain lavender colored silk suit. So we took the border of the saree and got it stitched to the suit. It turned out to be aesthetic and classy. Recycle clothes and see the fun.

Yet another idea that I tried was creating a bottle pouch from an old net saree. It was a close friend’s birthday and I planned to gift her wine. To make it a little more special for her, I made a bottle pouch from my mom’s old green net saree. Tied it with glitter bows and it was prettiness overload!!! These are some of the most innovative ways of how to recycle old clothes.

Fashion blog
Designer Rohhit Verma

Famous designer Rohhit Verma flaunted a look that perfectly gives a great example of how to recycle your sarees. Rohit is known for his outstanding creations and intricate designs. At a recent event Rohhit was seen in a white and red ensemble that particularly looks like a recycled saree. Add some bling gota, latkans and you are good to go.

Hoping that you use these simple yet effective ways to recycle your old sarees.

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