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Brunch often comes as a time-saver and is a feasible excuse to meet your friends amidst a hectic schedule. Combining two meals and chatting up with close pals simultaneously is not only a workable but a delightful idea as well! However, like every other social meet, a brunch too is associated with a particular kind of look and fashion statement. Sometimes it’s fancy, sometimes casual, so one never knows whether to keep it absolutely simple and easy-going or to flaunt one’s classiest outfits. Make sure that you don’t go wrong with that! After all, how you dress up on a given day for a given purpose speaks volumes about your tastes, choices, sensibilities and personality as a whole.

One might not feel like taking out the best that they have in their wardrobe, but it is advisable to avoid jeans, as they look far too regular and commonplace. While you don’t have to look like a fashionista, you also don’t have to make an appearance as if it’s just another day! Strike that perfect balance between casual and chic. You might choose a dress that flatters your silhouette, keep it pretty yet sophisticated. Chiffon and ruffled style look amazing; don’t go for something too elegant or revealing. You can look like a million bucks effortlessly and without much of a skin show, even by going with the daytime feel of a brunch. During winter, you can put on a cardigan over your dress. Also, one must lavish enough attention to one’s hair, as that can make or mar the overall look. You may choose to let your tresses loose, or wear a bun, or go for a quick and easy ponytail? Whatever it may be, add some spark to it by sporting a cute hair accessory that stands out well with your face, put on a pretty hair-band or a bright ribbon, or get a light curl to your locks for the extra zing.

Jewellery is also an integral part of completing your look, and one must be careful not to keep it too low-key or go overboard. It must be something eye-catching, yet not too loud. A gold chain or a simple pendant necklace works almost perfect with every outfit, and those studs with stones on them or just a little but vibrant earring peeping out from behind the hair looks dainty. The shoes, again, can make or mar your look, so make sure you don’t go for just anything! Pale or pastel coloured heels are your thing if you want to keep it understated. On the other hand, if you want to make a statement, go for brightly-printed pumps, wedges or sandals that capture attention at one go! Avoid dark colours or stilettoes as they spoil the ‘casual yet chic’ feel of brunch-time dressing.

If you’re not a dress person, opt for linen trousers. The fit and comfort level must be ensured well, and also invest some time in finding a right belt for your pants and adding a pretty, decorative buckle. If you want to sport jackets, make sure you don’t go for suit jackets as they are too masculine for a brunch look. A well-fitted blazer style jacket, with a good cotton stretch content, looks perfectly feminine. You can give a final touch to your look by wearing a hat- in pastel colour, with some decorative detailing that will be in sync with the mood and feel of a brunch, and wear it with grace and glamour! Accessorizing to give an edge to your look is like the icing on the cake! But they should be subtle and toned down, so as not to make you look overdressed.

After all, it all boils down to having fun and having a gala time! Look comfortably stylish, and naturally fashionable! Just be yourself and revel in the gaiety of daytime camaraderie and bonhomie!

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