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In this fast age of abundant options and infinite options, decision making can sometimes take a confuse standstill. It’s difficult to trust someone and specially if that someone is a virtual online voice. Then what does one do?  Well if it were me, I would continue my search to find that worthy virtual voice and since we all have the potential to get lucky- I got lucky too and found

Clipr gives you the power to discover, search and share products for yourself and others. You have a need, it has an answer; you have a desire, it has a product. So many times we get stuck thinking what to gift since everything has been gifted done to death. Clipr solves the problem by recommending and showing a plethora of products with unique features and designs and utilities and trust me you won’t find them in shops and malls and perhaps you’ll have to dig heaven and earth to find them. This social networking platform makes it simple for you and you can buy anything and everything with few clicks and fewer minutes. is many things at one go…

A personalized shopping magazine

A guide to non-commodity impulse buys

Gifts for family and friends and special hes and shes
A unique and stylish coffee mug recommended by Clipr.
Funtime Chess Drinking Game- again recommended by Clipr.


So now what happens when you Clip?
The feed appears in your activity stream on facebook
You put it on your unique clipboard which friends, family and others can follow
Rewards & Discounts: You get exclusive discounts and reward points for clipping these products.
There are products available from bluestone, myntra, chumbak, styletag, hitplay, fashionara and many other websites. Huge options, huge comfort !
This startup idea by Pratik Poddar and Nikhil Vij– both IITB Alumni is reaching the masses and getting the deserved acclaim. This new and a ‘hat ke’ concept is for smart people who like to explore and shop for fun, fashion and art. This website is for people who buy online and want to save their time and effort and are on a continuous discovery of awesomeness. The trendy products make it a wow experience.
Site link :
Go check it out … and stay stylish!


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