TRESemmé Split Remedy Range: Review

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Beauty Blog India

Split ends has been a common complaint amongst all of us. How we dread to see our tresses splitting at so many points and specially towards the ends. Excessive bleaching, chemical processing, use of heat styling tools and prolonged sun exposure, all form reasons for contributing to split ends. Most of us shorten our hair to get rid of irritating split ends and compromise on the length of our hair.

All this while, going under the scissors has been a ready solution but with TRESemmé Split Remedy Range, split ends rescue is handy. The new range with Amino Vitamin Blend helps to rescue split ends and make the hair easier to manage and style, shiny and stronger at the same time. TRESemmé Split Remedy Shampoo gently works on the hair and clean it off oil and dirt. The TRESemmé Split Remedy Rinse Out Conditioner works on the hair strands leaving the hair look healthy and stay smooth.Hair Blog India

A closer look at the range:

  • TRESemmé Split Remedy is a salon quality formulation with Amino-vitamin blend.
  • The range helps rescue up to 96% of split ends in just three washes.
  • The shampoo & conditioner duo leaves hair healthy-looking and smooth, ready to style.
  • The range contains Silicone, conditioning ingredients and amino-vitamin blend. All these ingredients work in synergy and reduce split ends of hair fibre.
  • Available at a Retail store near you: Shampoo – 600ml (Rs.349/-) ; 215ml (Rs.170/-); 90ml (Rs.80/-), Conditioner -215ml (Rs.170/-) ; 90ml (Rs.80/-).

Diana Penty says the following for her scissor free tresses: “My hair undergoes a lot of styling on a regular basis and split ends would rob my hair off its near perfect polished finish. The solution I resorted to until now was a haircut which meant compromising on my length, which is very dear to me. With the TRESemméSplit Remedy range, I have found an appropriate solution. TRESemmé Split Remedy is a quick and easy solution to achieve split ends rescued salon gorgeous look without compromise.”

TRESemmé Global Hairstylist, Marcus Francis says, Each of TRESemmé’ variants is unique and is formulated to work brilliantly for specific hair needs. The new Split Remedy is an amazing product that helps tackle a universal hair problem allowing women to experiment with different styles and lengths with confidence. One doesn’t need to compromise on their style quotient by hiding or cutting hair.”

So go ahead, live a split ends free life with the Tresemme split remedy range and enjoy your tresses without compromising on their length and health.

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