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Looking for a natural beauty solution? Looking for a chemical free face product? Let me introduce SKINYOGA, a brand with 100% natural skincare products from India. Brainchild of 3 sisters, the brand’s philosophy is bringing forth products as close to nature as possible. With the underlying belief of living a chemical free life, the 3 super sisters bring forward products for beauty and everyday skincare rituals. The brand is selling worldwide through .

Some of the best ingredients are sourced for SkinYoga and formulated to make products that work naturally. Today, I shall talk about my experience with the Almond- Orange Face scrub. Priced at Rs 1,175/- for 50 gms, the scrub is a concoction of Almonds, gram flour, Turmeric and sun dried oranges. The texture of the scrub is dry with a slight scent of oranges. The dry texture is an indication of absence of chemicals. The scrub is a coarse grind of all the natural ingredients. The powder form is dry and delicately stored in a glass bottle as seen in the picture. The bottle can be stored anywhere and can be nicely kept near the wash basin or on your dressing table. The bottle comes along with a measuring spoon to help in easy preparation of the scrub. The scrub has to be manually prepared by adding water to it. It can be used for daily cleansing or as a mask.

How to prepare the scrub?

Take 1/2 measuring spoon of the scrub powder in hand and make a thick paste by adding little water. Apply on face and massage gently with low pressure. Rinse thoroughly and pat dry. Use a moisturiser over it for a fresh clean look.


Prepare the same way as for cleansing. Apply and leave on face for 15-20 minutes till the skin begins to feel tight.  Rinse the mask thoroughly and follow it up with a moisturiser.

Go chemical free and feel the freshness. This definitely looks like an extension of the Grandma’s kitchen recipe for beautiful and lively skin. This summer, pamper yourself the natural way!

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